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Stephanie Batten

Sex Ed strife

WE SAT in the back of the class room, shades drawn and blank index cards resting on our otherwise bare desks.

ID numbers pose identity threat

Identity theft, once reserved for gangster movies, is an increasingly common phenomenon. In this information age, the sheer abundance and accessibility of personal data, particularly in computerized formats, makes identity theft a real threat for many individuals.

Better teaching, better pay

THE ACHIEVEMENT gap -- the difference between school performance of low-income and minority students versus middle-class white students -- may soon take the back seat to a traditionally less-publicized education issue currently gaining momentum: the teacher gap.

Home, home on the Range

LAST TUESDAY Student Council passed "A Resolution Recommending the Creation of a Range Community." The resolution's endorsers hope to see the Range, single-student rooms running parallel to the Lawn behind the gardens, transformed into a housing area similar to the Lawn in its philosophy and purpose. Fostering a sense of community among neighbors is an admirable goal, but the proposed method for achieving this goal is flawed.

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