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Timothy Duboff

Putting college years into perspective

I T'S ALWAYS amusing that people refer to the college experience as the start of "the real world." Because - and thank goodness for this - it is about as far from the real world as one could get without controlled substances.

One nation divided under two cultures

LET'S FACE it, we are a divided country. As the last elections proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, we are not yet "One Nation Under God," but instead two fairly distinct cultures with two ways of looking at the world.

Pointless to point at media flaws

HI, I'M JOHNNY Knoxville and this is Extreme Irresponsibility. It happens far too often in our society that parents will seek to shift the blame for their own incompetence from themselves to the media, or even more obnoxiously, to "society." You and I know how absurd this is, but it makes for an interesting story, so most news outlets will continue to publish this plea no matter how ridiculous it gets. By now, most of us are familiar with the planned lawsuit on behalf of Jason Lind, a Connecticut 13-year-old who set himself ablaze while mimicking a television stunt.

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