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Tina Chai

Researchers propose p-value change from 0.05 to 0.005

Researchers have expressed that inconsistencies within published scientific data stem from flaws within the career structures of science, more specifically defined as an unstable job market and the immensely difficult nature of discovery, rather than statistical analyses. 

Human activities, such as the processing of animal products and energy usage, lead to an increased nitrogen footprint.

U.Va. reduces nitrogen footprint

To begin to combat the surplus of nitrogen, University researchers have created the N-Calculator, the world’s first virtual model to calculate nitrogen usage and emissions.

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Given the many flaws in our recycling process, the University should attempt to reduce its carbon footprint in other ways
Moderator Babur Lateef, a Board of Visitors member and opthamologist, opened the presentations, which included five brief keynote talks. 
The separation of plastics, metals and glass from paper and from cardboard is what defines multi-stream recycling at the University.

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