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Walker Peterson

“The Carmichael Show” reinvents stand-up as sitcom

Full disclosure: I love Jerrod Carmichael. He may very well be my favorite active comedian. I don’t know how many times I have watched or recommended his HBO special “Love at the Store,” but I’d be willing to bet any reasonable guess would be far too low.

HBO: More than just “Game of Thrones”

Sunday night has always and will always be the best time for television dramas. Now, with “Game of Thrones,” the final season of “Mad Men,” and network powerhouse “The Good Wife,” all playing on this hallowed field, HBO has competition.

“Daredevil” delivers

Superheroes and live action TV shows have never worked together — it is too expensive to show cool stuff audiences may want to see, and superheroes ultimately end up lackluster.

“Sour Soul” is sort of sweet

Ghostface Killah has always been nearly impossible to predict. His releases, besides the Wu-Tang Clan, have offered an eclectic mix, especially the most recent ones.

An Ode to “Parks and Recreation”

Originally intended as a spin-off of “The Office” with Ed Helms or Craig Robinson playing a lynchpin part, “Parks and Recreation” was so unsure of itself during its first season that even the all-star cast couldn’t have saved it.

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