William Wong


WONG: Preserve net neutrality

Given these companies’ history of crippling  users’ access to services, there is absolutely no reason to believe that cable companies such as Verizon or Comcast will, contrary to their claims, be impartial towards their treatment of access to the Internet.

WONG: Tech companies must self-regulate responsibly

If the tech industry is truly serious about establishing some self-regulatory organization to prevent Russian interference (or some similar event) from occurring again, it could learn from the ESRB’s history and its policies.

WONG: Guns on campus only exacerbate violence

Were Bharadwaj’s policy proposal to become reality, there is little concrete evidence to believe that allowing firearms on college campuses — a practice generally allowed in 10 states — would reduce sexual assault rates.

WONG: Mandate vaccination for everyone

By mandating the vaccination of all individuals — regardless of religious or personal beliefs — the United States would take an important step in protecting public health and safety.