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Yujin Oh

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To ensure we receive the basic necessities for life and to make sure we enter a healthy world, we need to vote — and vote like our lives depend on it. 
For a society that always seems to be in a rush, this season has revealed an unexpected amount of time in solitude.
My measurements were just enough for one serving, although I ended up splitting the whipped coffee mixture into four smaller portions to share.
Yogurt bark is essentially a healthier rendition of the classic holiday-style peppermint bark that is loaded with candy cane chunks and additional toppings that depend on personal preferences.  
To make mine visually appealing, I melted some semi-sweet chocolate from the second box and incorporated different styles in the form of drizzling and coating.
These egg tarts are creative yet flavorsome — a refreshing break from conventional baked goods. 
As a leading tea brand, Kung Fu Tea has expanded its menu tremendously to fit the needs — and cravings — of bubble tea enthusiasts and amateurs alike.
Grit calls their coffee process “relationship coffee” because they work with importers and establish long term relationships with coffee producers to ensure consistent and equitable prices.
The Basil Bomb smoothie bowl is a blend of basil, strawberries, banana, dates and The Juice Laundry's house-made cashew milk.

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