Taking it all in

Students should take advantage of all the University has to offer

IT'S MID-AUGUST on the University Grounds, and you know what that means: Soul-smothering heat, bumper-to-bumper traffic on Route 29 for three straight days, and - of course - a whole new crop of fresh-faced first-years.\nOh, first-years. As you meander across the grassy lawns of the McCormick Road halls and gather on the balconies of the Alderman Road dormitories, parents in tow with arms overflowing with enormous down comforters, plastic boxes full of clothes, and neon-colored desk lamps, I can't help but be filled with envy at all of the possibilities that lie before you. Unless you forgot to get a box fan. In that case, enjoy your heatstroke.\nIf you're new to Grounds, and this is your first issue of The Cavalier Daily, let me say to you: Welcome!

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