Anti-discriminatory bill passes

Student Council passes resolution supporting fully inclusive non-discrimination policies


Student Council unanimously passed a resolution yesterday night to affirm its support for a fully inclusive non-discrimination policy and to urge the Board of Visitors, the Virginia General Assembly and U.S. Congress to pass legislation supporting protections "against discrimination in local, state, and federal employment based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression."\nThis resolution was passed in tandem with the one-year anniversary of a hate crime against a gay student at the University.

"It really shows the success of mobilization and passion," said Carrie Filipetti, one of three co-chairs of Council's Diversity Initiatives Committee. "It was an effort on behalf of the students to really push for acknowledging for what really needs to be done in the future. We didn't let what the governor said about sexual orientation stop us. It really shows the power of reaching out to student groups and it shows that people in the state of Virginia want change - they want to see the inclusion of sexual orientation and the inclusion of gender identity."

Engineering School representative Seth Kaye, who sponsored the bill, noted that mobilization in favor of the resolution across Grounds largely has been the result of a grassroots effort that thus far has gained the support of 62 organizations on Grounds, including the Inter-Fraternity Council, Graduate Arts & Sciences Council and the Minority Rights Advocacy Coalition.

"I'm thrilled to see how supportive the community is," Kaye said. "I sent one e-mail out to the StudCo-CIO listserv, and the other leaders really took initiative and brought it up to their groups. I talked to a handful of groups, but certainly not 62."

Kaye said he already has spoken to President John T. Casteen, III, about the resolution. From here, the Council's Diversity Initiatives Committee plan to talk to members of the Faculty Senate and Board of Visitors.

Filipetti added that passing the resolution issues a strong statement on behalf of the University.

"It's really a strong and positive statement not only to the University community, but to the governor as the top public university in the state that we're making this statement and resoundingly so," she said.

Nevertheless, Filipetti noted that this is only an incremental stride toward a more open community.

"This is the groundwork," Filipetti said. "This is saying this is what the students want and now we're going to push for getting it actually included in the non-discrimination clauses, and then from there, push for not only changes at the state level, but possibly pushing for [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act] and to make it so that other universities that are in a similar position - as universities in Virginia are - don't have to deal with the same issues."

Kaye noted, though, that even targeting ENDA has limitations.

"It's important to recognize that ENDA is the Employment Non-Discrimination Act - that's only employment," Kaye said. "That's why it's only a small step - it's only workers; it's not students sitting at the lunch table."

Council President Colin Hood said passing this resolution is consistent with Council's core values.

"The goal of Student Council is to improve student life at the University," Hood said. "It shows that Student Council is sticking by its purpose. This is something that would progress the University and something that would make sure that we're doing our job."

Kaye also noted that the resolution is one example of social progress in the commonwealth.

"We've sent a clear message that the politics in Virginia has changed - you can't just shove these things under the rug; you can't just marginalize other groups," Kaye said. "This is not a political stance - this is about values."

Incoming Graduate Arts & Sciences Council President Heather Mastapeter is a supporter of the legislation.

"The graduate community is behind this resolution and we fully support it," Mastapeter said. "It protects teaching assistants, faculty, staff members and fellow students. We do endorse it and fully support it."

Similarly, Verena Kollig, a transgender female teaching assistant in the German department, spoke to Council in favor of the resolution from personal experience facing discrimination.

"It's my sincere wish to commend this resolution," Kollig said. "As a person who'd be affected, it's definitely an issue to go from one aisle of the office to another one because I can't pass that without [discriminatory] comments."

Filipetti noted that the resolution started as part of the Diversity Initiatives Committee's gender identity initiative that increased in importance after Gov. Bob McDonnell and University alumnus Attorney General Ken Cucinelli's statements regarding gender identity earlier this year.

"This is one of the most significant resolutions that Student Council has passed in some time," Filipetti added. "It speaks to our open-mindedness. And I hope other universities will follow in our footsteps"

Published April 21, 2010 in News


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Seth Kaye
(04/21/10 7:02am)

I want to thank all the leaders that helped draft the resolution (you know who you are). You all offered unique perspectives and I am extremely happy with our final language.

I would also like to thank the University community and Student Council representatives for passing this unanimously. I have yet to hear anyone say one negative thing about the resolution. I thought for sure I would get one crazy email coming out of the woodwork to demonize me, but I am pleasantly surprised to have been fully embraced, and I thank you all for making UVA more welcome. This wasn't a battle, it was easy. I'm really glad non-discrimination is a non-issue and University value - where all is bright and gay.

I would like to dedicate the success of this resolution to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Governor Bob McDonnell. Their actions the past few months really galvanized us students to stand up for what we believe in - marginalization politics will not work with our generation.

Please check out the wide range of 65+ organizations that have endorsed the resolution - cultural, advocacy, religious, athletic, political Greek, musical/theater/dance, and many other progressive social justice groups.

Queer & Allied Activism ( is still accepting endorsements! We won't stop until the BOV takes action!

Read the full text of the resolution here:\n

(04/21/10 5:26pm)

But every one of these little bastards must be beheaded before they mess up your beach week plans. And that little beating heart stopped and thrown in the garbage before graduation. Right ?

Doesn't matter if they're little girls or little boys, black, white, asian, or gay. They all must die. It's tradition on Grounds.

"fully inclusive?!"

Yeah, right, UVA.. What a horrible, cruel joke you are!

\n"WHEREAS the child, by reason of his or her physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth"

United Nations Declaration of The Rights of the Child\nUniversal Declaration of Human Rights

(04/21/10 5:47pm)

I think Sean has officially gone off the deep end.

(04/21/10 7:37pm)

The deep end of human rights is a great place to be. Right along side the abolitionists and the freedom riders that came before us, whose torch we now have taken.

The darkness, the hatred, the violence, and the denial of human rights of abortion is squarely where UVA now sits - and that includes the student council who are AOK with beheadings on Grounds, even in their own hospital.

Does this look like "rights" to you?

Be sure to watch every second of what you love. The slave owners and racists from days past have nothing on you. You are a far more effective killing machine then they ever were. The holocaust killed 6 million innocents. Abortion in the USA alone has killed over 50 million and counting. And UVA is one of the few state funded universities in the country that actually goes the extra step and does the killings in house.

But these clowns still sit there and pat each other on the back for defending "rights." How many kids will be born preterm with birth defects years from now because of what they did to their kids in college? We'll just have to wait and see..

Seth Kaye
(04/21/10 7:52pm)

Sean, I really don't understand how abortion relates to this thread about non-discrimination (or any other of the myriad gratuitous comments you write on every story), but please know that as a gay man I don't intend on aborting any babies. I might want to adopt one at some point, if the laws allow - but thanks to the Marshall Newman Amendment of 2006 any relationship I have with another man is not recognized by the Commonwealth of Virginia and so second parent adoption for LGBTQ people is also illegal. Perhaps a more positive solution for your advocacy would be making abortions less necessary (increasing general welfare of people to afford children financially, comprehensive sex education to reduce the number of teen pregnancies etc., and more open access to health services and information), respecting the choice and bodies of those in need, and increasing the availability of loving homes for adoption, including LGBTQ parents.

(04/22/10 12:00am)

Seth, the article is about who has rights, and who doesn't. You are very fond of your rights, but you are AOK with beheading someone else if they are deemed an inconvenience. So you are not for human rights. Are you for or against adding the WHEREAS statement from the UDHR to all the others listed in what student council passed?

Causing death to one infant, and ensuring deformities for future ones is not "positive," and repeated tried old slogans from the 70's - all of which have been a complete failure - will not divert the attention of intelligent people away from fact that there are about 3500 beheadings a day that you support. And if you support the destruction of one segment of humanity while championing the rights of your own, that makes yo a hypocrite plain and simple.

Gays were put to death in the holocaust, as were Catholics - simply for being who they were. And elective abortion as an allowable procedure was pioneered by Hitler and Mengele. That's why we have the HUMAN RIGHTS laws like Geneva, Helsinki, and the UDHR - that were written or reaffirmed after the NAZI DOCTOR'S TRIAL.

You and student council are OAK with rights as long as it applies to anyone they might be. But they are decidly infavor of beheadings of anyone who might screw up their beach week plans. How many of the people in that room do you think have already killed someone before they passed this flowery declaration talking about rights? You may get annoyed with me becuase I speak for those who cannot speak for - or defend themselves. Your community used to be in just that situation. Now you're turned that discrimination onto another segment of society that USED to be protected, their destruction unthinkable. So we've just traded one violation of human rights for another.

(04/22/10 12:09am)


ok, even I think that's funny...

Tally Ho
(04/22/10 1:33am)

I'm waiting for Sean to turn a restaurant review into a platform for his repetitive "all UVa. students are idiots because they don't agree with me on reproductive rights...also, all UVa. students are spoiled and immoral" message.

Alex Semin
(04/22/10 3:41am)

TH: You forgot my personal favorite: "Uva students are complicit in the cover up of the murder of Morgan Harrington. It will follow them the rest of their live"

(04/22/10 5:10pm)

So lets be clear. Colin Hood, Seth Kaye, Carrie Filipetti, and the rest of the student council of the university of Virginia stand in opposition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and in favor of violating the Nuremberg Protocol.

In 2010, they wholeheartedly support this statement instead:

"It will be necessary to open special institutions for abortions and doctors must be able to help out there in case there is any question of this being a breach of their professional ethics." Adolph Hitler.

I just wanted to make that clear. And when (not if) some of the women who have had abortions during their time at UVA have a child born preterm with severe birth defects sometime in the future - well, at least they had a good time getting hammered at Foxfield.

Carrie F.
(04/22/10 5:59pm)

Hey Sean,

I definitely appreciate your passion on this issue.

I have not yet shared my opinion on the issue of abortion. All you know about me is that I have supported including gender identity in non-discrimination clauses. This does not automatically make me a proponent of abortion.

As a Jew, a woman, and an American, I take offense to your characterization of me as a supporter of Hitler simply because I support non-discrimination (that is what you are saying after all, as you have no evidence of my support for or opposition to abortions).

Please remain respectful, particularly if you do not know other people's points of view. As someone who values life and rights as you claim you do, you should appreciate that people are taking steps to improve the lives of others -- after all, isn't that your goal, too?

Seth Kaye
(04/22/10 9:48pm)


I can't believe you just told two Jews they support Hitler.

I just read the and it looks like the first three articles could be claimed to support either side of the abortion debate depending on when you think human life begins - birth or conception. I am not going to have this argument with you.

I am pro-choice, not pro-abortion - see my earlier comment about other solutions. I certainly don't want the government or people like you making rules about what I can and can't do with my body.

I'm done wasting my time on your ignorance and rudeness.

(04/22/10 9:53pm)

Carrie, the bill passed was regarding rights, and is pretending to be "fully inclusive." The bill quotes several different documents relating to human rights, many of which date to long before infanticide was allowable.

I did not characterize you as a supporter of Hitler. Perhaps you could read my comment again if that helps in comprehension. What I did do is point out that this bill is not fully inclusive, and carefully avoids the most foundational human rights accord of the modern age - the UDHR - which I quoted. And I likewise pointed out that if indeed the victims of these beheadings are not included, then the bill is not fully inclusive.

The quote of Hitler's is exactly and precisely what John Casteen did when he arrived as your school's president 20 years ago. 2600+ have been killed, and 2600+ wounded since then on your campus. If you support this, you support exactly what Hitler supported, and what John Casteen enabled at your university. Likewise, you and student council stand with Hitler in opposition to the UDHR (which was written in large part in response to nazi medical horrors, including abortion).

I could care less what ethnicity, religion, or nationality you are. I do care if you or anyone else on the student council has the guts to reintroduce the bill including the UDHR provisions, and put it back to a vote.

There is no middle ground or grey area here, Carrie. You agree with Hitler on this issue, or you agree with the UDHR. Which is it. Please put the subject up to a vote in the student council and everyone will have a chance to cast their lot with one or the other.

Simple, no?

Carrie F.
(04/22/10 11:23pm)

Sean --

Can you point out where we claim it is "fully inclusive"? We are pushing for substantial change at the University, and we chose to start with gender identity. We would never claim that any resolution is "fully inclusive," because there are always ignored or marginalized groups. This bill is certainly more inclusive, but I don't believe anyone has claimed it is "fully inclusive." Considering you quoted that phrase, I'd like to know where you heard it.

Also, beyond posting on Cavalier Daily articles and quoting Hitler, what are you doing to promote your cause?

(04/23/10 1:33am)


The part of the UDHR that I quoted above makes it very clear where it stands on the issue of when human life begins. These are scientific facts, after all. These are not opinions. There is no argument to have in your case, just one to lose.

I for one know that medical science says that it is IMPOSSIBLE for an adult woman to spontaneously grow and extra head, pair of hands, an extra heart, and suddenly have a completely unique second double helix of DNA and a second blood type as part of her own body. A woman can not do that any sooner than she could grow a penis, a prostate, and a pair of testis. You reject the facts of medical science. I accept it.

I appreciate that you have at least been honest and answered my question, as Carrie has not. You have cast your lot on this issue with that of it's first proponent in power in the modern western world: Adolph Hitler. You reject the UDHR, and accept Hitler's policy instead. I embrace the UDHR, and refuse to classify parts of the human family as inconvenient or unwanted so as to justify their wholesale destruction. As a person who claims Jewish heritage, you should be familiar with this idea through history.

But now, in 2010, you fully support this idea that has reared it's ugly head many times throughout history, and you agree with Hitler's policy on the issue - in gross violation of the UDHR, Geneva, Helsinki, and Nuremberg. In contrast, I reject Hitler's policy and fully embrace and defend the foundational human rights accords laid down in response to Mr. Hitler and Mr. Mengele's policies and implementation.

Perhaps you could tell us what number of children born preterm elective abortion is worth.. How many children needlessly living with birth defects is it worth to you is abortion worth? How many per 100, or per 1,000,000? Please also discuss where in your policy that the rights of these children are taken into consideration. You have a right to your opinion, but not your own facts. Medical science is not going away to make way for your rather cruel brand of politics.

(04/23/10 1:41am)


Since you completely ignored my very clear and simple question and request, I don't feel all that obligated by either politeness or obligation to respond to yours. Although, I might suggest that you scroll to the top of this page and see that I was not the first to use the term fully inclusive". There is much happening that I daresay even you will find interesting/terrifying. I'll be happy to fill you in when you answer my question. It is very simple and straightforward one. Seth has answered the question. You have not. Nor have either of you responded to my idea to add the UDHR provision I quoted above to the bill. Do you accept or reject the idea of adding the UDHR to the bill and voting on it again?

(04/23/10 3:12am)

Constantly bringing up Hitler is not a good way to promote discussion or convince people that they are wrong. C'mon man.

(04/23/10 3:36am)

There should be a disclosure in the CD before anyone posts a comment stating: "Please don't feed the trolls" (referring to any and all comments from Sean). If we ignore him then he'll go away, like if we ignore that itch then we won't be tempted to scratch. This is the last I'll have to say about Sean, and hopefully others will do the same

(04/23/10 3:39am)


"As a Christian I have no duty to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice." Seems like a reasonable opinion, right? That quote's by Hitler. So do you agree that Christians shouldn't fight for truth and justice, or do you agree with HITLER?!

This is the stupidity of your Hitler argument.

(04/23/10 4:45pm)

Sean, I FULLY and COMPLETELY support your arguments. I think we, the UVA students, are focused with racism and homosexuality. Not that those are not important issues, but they don't bring anything new. Abortion, instituted by Casteen, is a big problem. Hitler was the first one to institute it throughout Europe, and now it is available for UVA students practically anytime, on requessts. UVA supports the "Easy F**king Policy" which promotes sex addictions and strange behaviors. This happens EVERY weekend of the semester. Those who suffer - unborn.

We, the UVA students, are very proud to be supporters of Hitler's ideology.

To those who are Jewish - if you support abortion, who was instituted and advertised on a large scale by A. Hitler - does it make you his supporter as well?\n If I support war in Iraq I am not going to vote for Obama, am I ???

Sean, keep up the good work. \nOthers: please wake up!!!\nLucas

(04/24/10 9:47pm)

If Hitler curbed runaway inflation and made the trains run on time, that does not mean that everyone should be against those things now. And quoting him from a propaganda speech is not at all comparable to the point here. I am reminding people of some very clear history that they simply do not want to know. Too bad. Elective abortion made legal was introduced to the modern western world as a specific and brand new POLICY of the Third Reich. Curbing inflation, making trains run on time, and giving speeches were not.

Let's review, shall we?

Here is opinion # 1:

It will be necessary to open special institutions for abortions and doctors must be able to help out there in case there is any question of this being a breach of their professional ethics. \nAdolph Hitler.

Here is opinion # 2:

WHEREAS the child, by reason of his or her physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth\nUnited Nations Declaration of The Rights of the Child\nUniversal Declaration of Human Rights

Keep in mind that the latter was written in large part as a direct response to human rights abuses of the axis powers during WW2, and performing abortions is one of the things doctors were convicted of - and executed for - at the Nuremberg trials. There is no escaping from this stark contrast, no matter how fervent you are in not wanting to think about it. There is absolutely no middle ground whatsoever between Hitler's policy and the UDHR, and that includes the Declaration of Geneva which was also reaffirmed in response to the Nazi Doctor's Trial:

"I will maintain the utmost respect for human life, from the time of its conception; even under threat, I will not use my medical knowledge contrary to the laws of humanity; I will practice my profession with conscience and dignity

\nI stand behind the UDHR. Apparently somebody at UVA named Lucas does also, as do the dozens of people in my activist group - about a dozen of whom are UVA students. Seth Kaye agrees with Hitler on this issue, rejects the UDHR, and supports John Casteen in having brought these horrors to UVA just like Hitler brought them to Europe. Carrie Filipetti is conspicuously silent now that a simple question has been asked of her.

It's pretty clear where student council stands on this issue. They stand with the founder of the movement in the western world. They stand with Hitler, with Mengele, and with Casteen. This isn't a philosophical debate about theory. 2600 entirely innocent and defenseless infants have been killed right in UVA hospital in president Casteen's time here. And there have been and will be more children born preterm with birth defects to UVA alumni now thanks to those killings. The blood, the death, the killing, and the denial of human rights are very real.

Carrie, does the lower image in the link below look to you like someone who had her rights protected, or destroyed? Do you think she will have the chance to go grow up, to go to the prom, to fall in love, to go to college, or to enjoy any of the things in live that you enjoy? If she was indeed merely a part of her mother's body as Seth suggests, what part would that be?

I guess she's going to need her head back first, huh? I asked you a very simple question, Carrie, and in general I challenge UVA the student council to take a stand with opinion # 1 or opinion # 2 listed above. I'm quite curious to see and hear exactly what their opinion on human rights REALLY is.

It's really interesting to watch people when they cannot logically, ethically, or scientifically defend their position on a matter of life and death.

Joseph H Quintano, Ed.D. U.VA. 64 and 74
(04/27/10 2:20pm)

Congrats to the student council.

(04/27/10 8:47pm)

See what I mean? Challenge anyone at "the top public university in the state" (LOL) to a debate on the topic of human rights, or ask them the simplest of questions - and suddenly the cat has all their tongues.. They actually think they are doing something by taking on this non existent discrimination on campus. But challenge them to accept or reject the UDHR - or agree or disagree with a policy that Hitler brought to Europe just as Casteen brought it here - and suddenly they become Sammy Sosa testifying before congress. They forget how to read or write English.

All they can do, as students at such a superior and elite institution of higher learning, is attack, insult, and try to defame someone daring to bring up human rights, quote Jefferson, and remind them of the UDHR and Geneva. The closest thing to an intelligent, reasoned response to my questions they can come up with is "you're not one of us - go away troll who bedded our girls." ok...... Well, your lack of any ability to logically, ethically, scientifically defend your own opinions should just make you think twice about what those opinions are - but the arrogance that this place is so famous for precludes that I guess. You can't defend your own views - but you still must be right since you are so superior, and at such a superior school. Well, all I can do is remind you that you're the only ones anywhere who believe this, even in Charlottesville. And the real world will snap you all out of it soon enough.

I never said I "bedded" anyone. I was complimentary, and respectful. I said they were way over my head, and never once mentioned any details. I mentioned my past romantic involvements with some UVA women, among several other examples, to illustrate that I do not have ill will to all 20,000 students at UVA - even if I have a big problem with how this place is run. I'll admit only that having heard the words "I'm pregnant," "I would never," "I did" from one of them (in that order) does indeed suggest that we had a familiarity with one another that exceeds that of holding hands or sharing a drinking glass.

The aftermath of this very personal horror story for both of us (she was coerced by several UVA gals around her in violation of Virginia law) nearly killed her, and nearly killed me after I found out the extent of it. But depression, suicide attempts, eating disorders, trips to the ICU - none of this is news at UVA - or of the least concern of student council. Not anymore than a 21 year old dropping dead at a frat house is news. Not any more than a similarly young woman from Tech getting murdered in our midst is news. Not any more than the 45 alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine arrests at Foxfield this year is news. Not any more than an engineering student arrested for molesting an 8 year old girl is news.

See no evil. Hear no evil. Don't talk about it. Don't think about it. It's not there. Casteen has our back when we party. We protect our own.\nDivert. Distract. Ignore. Confuse. Casteen has and will make it all go away. \nThe media won't dare mess with him.

The Editor in Chief of this newspaper had the brains AND the balls to finally blow the whistle today in the lead editorial, but I'm guessing most of you won't pay it the least bit of attention.

There's a racial comment - a name! - at 2 am on the corner, and some imaginary discrimination of gays around here to be obsessed with instead..

I know that there are some of you who are already awake, and will wake up to all of this. Let's hear you. An activist is not an activist unless he or she is willing to face the anger and wrath of people and institutions who have earned the burden of being confronted.

to Sean
(04/27/10 11:06pm)

Generally an activist is effective in persuasion or at least getting something done, you clearly fail in this regard, Sean. You should try reading "How to Win Friends and Influence People." While you clearly don't care about the winning friends part, if you actually care about making a shit worth of difference rather than just being a dick, as you claim, then it would probably be a worthwhile read for you. Best of luck in your future endeavors after graduation, Mr. Cannan.

(04/27/10 11:34pm)

See what I mean? No attempt at defending their own views.. \nJust "you're a dick" from, uh, 'America's best and brightest.' =o/

btw, I had dinner last week with the gal who quit Planned Parenthood and joined our group. Recent UVA Women's Studies grad. Getting published in the American Feminist magazine next month. Giving us the goods on her former employer. And giving the speech to the Alumni function this summer ! HA!

Making new friends is indeed fun ! =o)

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