Making it!

Actress goes on the record about life, fame and

On a rare day off, when she is comfortably settled on a sofa in her Los Angeles home having a bite of pineapple, you would never guess that Heather Morris is one of the stars of television's most talked about shows. After all, she sounds like any other 23 year-old excited about a new job and all the great experiences that come with it.

But as part of the ensemble cast of FOX's hit show, Glee, Heather is not just any other 23-year-old. As the ever daft yet indisputably hilarious Brittany on the show, Morris has taken a character that initially seemed to meander in the background and transformed her into the show's best-kept secret. tableau had the chance to talk to this rising star a few weeks ago about her experience, the show itself, and what we have to look forward to when the show returns on April 13.

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