The grass under your feet

For some University students, the term 'a person for all seasons' applies not just to their personalities, but to their feet as well. When not in facilities that require shoes to be worn, some students like to stroll barefoot - even with the weather turning colder and colder.

"Going barefoot isn't really as big a deal as people often act like it is; your feet adjust quite quickly," first-year Adam Campbell said. "Honestly, when it started getting colder, my feet were the only part of me that weren't cold, presumably because they've adjusted to being exposed. I'll probably be wearing something on my feet for the rest of the winter, if only to not stand out."

Campbell explained that his bare feet were inspired when he and his friends at home noted how much they enjoyed being barefoot and questioned why they did not walk naturally more often.

"I've always liked the feel of walking barefoot, but it was sometime during the last school year that it became more of a norm," he said. "It didn't really affect [me] much before coming to U.Va., because at home I drove most places, and there's nothing odd about being barefoot once you're actually at home or a friend's. It's only now that I walk everywhere that it's any more."

Denise Berlot - who graduated from the College last fall -

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