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Zainab Al-Sayegh

Living Wage: the campaign through the years

The confrontation between the Living Wage Campaign and University officials reached the boiling point recently as student activists initiated a hunger strike and began protesting across the street from the office of University President Teresa Sullivan.


YouTube. Megaupload. Wikipedia. Students use all of these sites instinctively, but the recently introduced Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) threatens to silence the same sites, which students look to for information. Computer Science Prof.

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"I resisted taking poetry classes because the idea of living off creativity was daunting," fourth-year College student Abigail Lee said. This is an issue many college students face when looking to branch out at their universities.

Portrait of a founder

He's been featured in portraits found in nearly every University building. He has been the subject of countless University classes.

Hitting the high note

Any club that has been around for 140 years has reason to celebrate. But for the Virginia Glee Club, the oldest musical group and second oldest organization on Grounds, this impressive anniversary called for more major and higher key celebrations. The anniversary was a week-long event, opening Friday night with a concert featuring the Virginia Glee Club, the Oriana Singers from Roanoke College and professional soloists.

Status update

Media Studies Teaching Assistant Ahrum Lee decided to try something new for his discussion section this semester: He actually is encouraging his students to use Facebook in class. Lee's decision is part of a growing trend among the University's faculty to use social media to help achieve academic goals. Administrators, too, are capitalizing on social media as a tool for promoting the University.

A world of opportunity

College is supposed to prepare you for the real world. In theory, four years are supposed to give you an idea of what you want to do and where you want to do it.

Living in a green house

From groups such as Student Council's Environmental Sustainability Committee to the College's Environmental Thought and Practice major, it is clear University students are becoming increasingly concerned about their impact on the planet.

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