Frats, srats and SIS: Ask Edgar fields some tough questions


Dearest Edgar,

I’m a first-year girl going through sorority recruitment. I went shopping for all new outfits, got recommendations for sororities, etc. Basically, I brought my A game. But it’s just the first round, and I didn’t get asked back to the sororities I want. What should I be doing differently?

Thank you,

Rusty Rushie

Dear Rusty Rushie,

Sorority rush is much like dating. Sometimes the reason it doesn’t work out has nothing to do with anything you did; it just wasn’t the right fit. It’s easy to forget that rush isn’t about perfectly coordinated outfits, an artistic masterpiece of a name tag and perfectly straightened hair. Instead, it’s about finding a sorority that likes you for who you actually are, not anything you do or say that you think will impress people during rush. Rush can be a stressful time for everyone, but if you trust in the process and remain genuine throughout the whole thing you should be just fine. And if nothing else, it’s a great way to improve your small-talk skills and stamina after spending hours and hours having the same conversation about your winter break. Just remember to dress warmly and keep your Uggs away from the uncreative frat boys who think they’re just hilarious in their attack on winter footwear during sorority rush.

Don’t stress,


Yo Poe,

I’m a second-year guy, who didn’t do real well in rush last year. I feel like being Greek is a key part of the U.Va. experience, and I really want to be a part of it. I’m also just looking for a tight group of friends. Any advice on what I should do differently this year?

Thanks brah,

Pledging to Pledge

Dear Pledging to Pledge,

Fraternity rush is much different from the exhausting, tedious process of forced conversations in crowded rooms that dominates sorority rush. If joining a fraternity is something you want to do, you certainly won’t suffer much during the straight week and a half of parties, date functions, events and sports games — although your grades might. If you go into the process with an open mind and just enjoy the experience, you might find all the bromances you’ve been looking for. So enjoy the constant drunkenness, bond over talking about your favorite sports teams, and run wild around Grounds terrorizing sorority rush.

Party on,


Dear Mr. Poe,

I’m really overwhelmed by all the course offerings this semester. I’ve been to all the classes I registered for on SIS, but I’m not really keen on them. I just don’t know how to find good ones. Do you have any helpful hints?

Thank you,

Searching on SIS

Dear Searching,

I’m going to let you in on a couple not-so-secret secrets to make your quest for the perfect schedule a piece of cake. Start your search at, where you’ll find just about every American university listed along with a pretty extensive compendium of the professors at each school. Each professor is rated based on difficulty, workload and, yes, hotness. Some of the ratings, however, are a little out-of-date, and newer teachers tend not to have been added. That brings us to what will surely be your go-to: The Course Forum. This website was created by a U.Va. student some years back and has the advantage of evaluations of individual courses, sorted by professor, rather than just overall professor ratings. You’ll also find accurate grade distributions for many courses, allowing you to pick classes that won’t hurt your stellar GPA. With these tools at your disposal, I guarantee you won’t be regretting your choices in a few months.

Good luck,


Disclaimer: Edgar is not a medical professional nor a psychiatrist. Edgar listens to your problems and offers what he hopes are constructive comments. By taking his advice, however, you accept full responsibility for your own actions.

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