Two Guys Tacos beats out competition

New Tex-Mex spot on Corner blows “Big Dawgz” away


When we returned from winter break to find there was a new taco joint in town, we were elated. Especially when we realized it had replaced Big Dawgz, as we both hate hot dogs and thought of the yellow sign as more of an eyesore than an enticement. But tacos? Who doesn’t like tacos? Then we realized this creates a dilemma. When we’re craving the Tex-Mex, do we do new Two Guys Tacos, or one of the old staples like Qdoba, Baja Bean Co., or El Jaripeo? Life’s tough, we know.

Hoping to find the answer to this and all of life’s most pressing questions, we ventured to Two Guys Tacos for lunch. Most people we’ve talked to have only been for late night munchies, but we took the daring route and went mostly sober. The inside appeared far nicer than what we vaguely remember from inside Big Dawgz. There’s a red faux adobe tile roof over the register to recreates a taco stand feel — but, like, a really nice taco stand.

The tiling on the walls is tasteful and helps the restaurant keep a modern, fresh feeling. Additionally, the bright green walls make you feel like you’re sipping a fine margarita, which alone is enough to boost your mood significantly. It was even clean, far better than what you might expect from the implied pet project of two men.

Don’t worry about exceeding your weekly food budget when you go — the food is all relatively cheap. All entrees range from $4 to $6. If you go in soon, you can pick up their “celebrate our grand opening” coupon and receive a free taco with your first order. Those two guys just keep on giving.

Abbi ordered the chicken tacos. They looked delicious and fresh with pico de gallo piled high. The tortillas were delicious and tasted more authentic than any of the nearby offerings. At first it was a little spicy — probably a personal problem, considering she orders a zero spiciness at Lemongrass — but the guacamole cooled it down and gave the taco just the right amount of zing. All things considered it was at least on par with other local offerings.

Caroline went with the taco salad with chicken, which came in the classic tortilla bowl. For this particular item, Two Guys Tacos definitely beats Qdoba’s mass-produced taco salad bowls. The entree included the usual — lettuce, tomato, cheese, sour cream and guacamole — but also included salsa on the side and a slice of lime to top it off. It’s always nice to get a little extra flavor on the side for kicks. We didn’t inquire into the nutritional value — there are some things you’re better off not knowing — but the meal seemed healthier than equivalents at other Tex-Mex restaurants.

A visit to Two Guys Tacos is incomplete without a full order chips and guacamole. They’re simply a necessary staple, in addition to an entree. They definitely don’t skimp on the quantity of chips in the bag. These chips contain the perfect amount of salt, making you crave more without forcing you to crawl to the closest water fountain.

It’s tough to find a good guacamole, but they totally nailed it. It seemed fresh and was smooth, but it also contained avocado chunks — does it get better than that? Also, it only costs 85 cents to add guacamole to your meal. When was the last time you bought something that cost only 85 cents? Never. It’s obviously a no-brainer.

The website claims they’re closed Sunday and Monday, but we’ve seen more than just two guys in there at those times, so we’re confused. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Two Guys Tacos is ready for business from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m., but on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant stays open until 3 a.m. — quite an appropriate time for those who frequent the Corner on the weekend.

Two Guys Tacos did in fact have a prior existence on Grounds running a taco stand in Scott Stadium. This was a surprise to us, as we never make it anywhere other than the hill at football games, but it nevertheless lends Two Guys Tacos a sense of legitimacy.

The verdict? Serious upgrade from Big Dawgz, and even more potential innuendos with the name. We’re in.

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