Faculty salaries disclosed

The Cavalier Daily uses Freedom of Information Act to report employee incomes


UPDATE: View our coverage of 2013-2014 Faculty Salaries here.

The Cavalier Daily obtained salary information for University faculty and staff in 2012 using the Freedom of Information Act. Medical School Dean Steven DeKosky’s $650,000 salary topped the list. He is accompanied by four other employees of the University’s health and medical centers in the top 10.

The median salary for all full-time faculty members is $99,600, whereas the median staff employee salary is $43,748 a year. Full-time University faculty remain the highest paid on average in the Commonwealth.

See below for a full list of all faculty salaries:

Faculty salaries 2012-2013
Staff salaries 2012-2013

Check out the full paper and detailed info graphic here.

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