McCormick Bridge paving the way

New bridge provides drivers, bus routes with simplified route


After 82 years without any major renovations, the McCormick Road bridge underwent a complete reconstruction this summer, reopening to traffic July 29. The bridge was out of commission for all vehicles weighing more than 8 tons starting July 2012 after corrosion was found in the bridge deck.

While limited emergency repairs were made last year to ensure the safety of pedestrians and traffic, all serious construction was deferred to the summer of 2013 to prevent excessive traffic delays during the University’s busiest months.

The $1 million dollar project, contracted to Corman Construction Inc., was funded by the Virginia Department of Transportation, the official owner of the structure.

Corman began construction almost immediately following Final Exercises on May 20 and the bridge was officially demolished during a two-night closure on May 21 and 22. After two months, the bridge has a new deck and additional support mechanisms. The new bridge also has a clearance that is 14 inches higher.

All University Transit System buses have resumed normal operations, as has the Free Trolley.

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