Hurt addresses College Republicans

Virginia congressman reflects on congressional experiences, plans for future elections


Virginia congressman Robert Hurt of the Virginia Fifth District in the House of Representatives (R-VA) spoke to the College Republicans at their representative body meeting Tuesday evening. Hurt discussed his path to Congress, views on what is going on in Washington DC, and future student involvement in elections.

The congressman first recognized student contributions to the campaign effort. “I want to thank you for all the work you’ve done for us over the years and all the work you will do in the future” said Hurt.

Hurt began representing a district of about 150,000 people and now represents about 700,000 constituents. He said he and his family have always been interested in politics, especially in journalism including special attention and appreciation for current affairs. Hurt shifted into the political spectrum out of a desire to serve the community and offer himself for public service.

While serving a district that ranges from North Carolina to Fauquier County, Hurt makes time to visit his localities on his Route 42 tour.

“We obviously love Charlottesville and love the history,” Hurt said. “One thing that I learned recently was that Monroe and Madison were the first two candidates for Virginia’s fifth district. When you stop and think about the historical significance it’s so interesting to me because so many of the debates we have here harken back to the debates over the adoption of the US constitution.”

“The reason that I ran two and a half to three years ago was because I was very concerned about the course our country was going on. We spend 3.5 trillion dollars and borrow 30% of that” Hurt said. His concern also takes on a personal approach when he thinks about what lies ahead for our nation’s youth. “I have three children at home 14, 11, and nine and when I think about the future of our country I think of them” Hurt said.

In addition to concerns about the nation’s debt, Hurt expressed discontent regarding the double-digit unemployment in many areas of the district.

“There’s no question the vast majority of regulations passed in Washington have been passed with good intention in mind, but the problem is there’s redundancy and inconsistency,” Hurt said.

Hurt described the Affordable Care Act – commonly referred to as “Obamacare” – as a train wreck that would soon unravel. “I’m not sure that’s good for the government to tell the people what they can purchase and what they can’t purchase,” he said. “If we’re not successful this time, we’re just going to keep at it. If the people don’t want it they don’t have to just take it.”

After elaborating on Washington improvements, Hurt shifted focused on future elections. He described the next election as highly important for 2016, and as a critical election for the future of the country.

Hurt also expressed his approval for Virginia candidate for governor, Ken Cuccinelli. “I think Cuccinelli will be a great governor,” he said. “[Cuccinelli] has a lot of experience, with your hard work we will win that election.”

The College Republicans commended Hurt’s work in the community,” Liz Minneman, Chair of the College Republicans and fourth-year Batten student said “He’s a great representative of the district and serves us really well in DC. He stands for economic freedom, and he really cares about the people of our district.”

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