Students commemorate Shelley Goldsmith

Former second-year student's friends, classmates honor her legacy


Students and faculty gathered Thursday evening in front of the Alpha Phi sorority house to commemorate Shelley Goldsmith, a second-year student at the University who passed away last Saturday in Washington, D.C..

Goldsmith was a Jefferson Scholar, a sister of Alpha Phi and a dedicated member of the Class of 2016.

“Shelley made an undeniably significant impact within our community,” second-year class president Andrew Kwon said in an email to students Wednesday. “Her scholarly attitude, ambitious character and optimistic personality truly embodied the U.Va. spirit.”

The sisters from the sorority recalled their memories with Shelley to celebrate her life and character that has “impacted an enormous amount of people.” They described Shelley as “beautiful, caring and energetic.” Members of the sorority asked not to be acknowledged by name.

“Shelley’s involvement on Grounds was so diverse,” one sister said. “She was a model and a Jefferson scholar, a hiker and a sorority member, a baker and a traveler, a philanthropist and a waitress, a compassionate friend and a dear listener.”

Kwon noted the struggle that those close to Goldsmith have faced in the recent days and offered consolation.

“It came as such a shock that someone you recently saw has been taken away,” Kwon said. “The people who are the closest to Shelley will be the most fragile at this time, and the memorial service is a way to celebrate Shelley’s life and at the same time regroup and rebuild the whole community and bring her friends into a stable state of mind.”

Published September 5, 2013 in Grounds, FP test, News

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