Building on building blocks

In its new term, The Cavalier Daily will build upon the changes that were made in the previous year

The Cavalier Daily enters its 125th term this week, with new editors and new visions. A long, arduous day of elections in Jefferson Hall on Saturday resulted in a strong, talented staff dedicated to bringing you — the reader — the best content we can possibly offer.

The past term of The Cavalier Daily involved a lot of change. We decreased our print frequency, redesigned our print format and shifted more focus to digital media. We have made every effort to adapt to the changing tides of student journalism: we launched our mobile app and a new video section just last year.

The 125th term will be about solidifying those foundations of change. We will utilize the new tools we have created to deliver quality reporting, in-depth analysis and intelligent commentary.

Although we have shifted much of our focus to digital media, we remain committed to the foundation of The Cavalier Daily: print journalism. We are well on our way to reaching our Indiegogo campaign goal, which will triple our current number of distribution points. We want to bring you a print product that you can enjoy and that is easily accessible, because we all still appreciate the value of a morning paper and a good cup of coffee.

Going forward, we plan to increase inter-section collaboration. Each newspaper will not only contain an eclectic mix of stories and columns that has something for everyone to enjoy, but also a complete, unified product in which our various talented writers complement each other’s skills and our adept production and graphics staffs enhance the well-crafted articles that we have to offer. Balanced reporting and diverse commentary, while they remain in distinctly separate spheres, together form two halves of a whole in the realm of the newspaper. Our opinion section will welcome a wide variety of viewpoints from writers of different backgrounds who wish to share their perspectives on the stories that our news section covers — the stories that affect you.

We also plan to conduct more investigative reporting to bring our readers more in-depth coverage of stories that warrant further exploration. Our news magazine format and twice weekly publication schedule are conducive to longer stories that remain relevant throughout the week, so no matter when you pick up a newspaper from the stands, you can read a story or a column which will interest you and will make relevant conversation during breakfast at Runk, dinner at Newcomb or wherever your preferred dining location happens to be.

We will include in our coverage stories of the greater Charlottesville area and Virginia politics. As students of the University, we are not meant to live in a bubble. We are meant to be informed participants in the political system — even if it is just the local system — and even if that involvement is just reading a story on the city council meeting and sharing an opinion on the measures passed. As a newspaper, we aim to help our readers be informed citizens of the University community and the world surrounding it.

We will bring you this information using a wide variety of mediums: our print product, our website, our mobile app, our social media accounts and our YouTube channel. We will give you as many ways as possible for you to enjoy our stories, but we will not be extravagant. We will use our resources carefully and present each story in the medium for which it is most fit. We will deliver rapid breaking news and well-considered feature stories, with striking visuals as accompaniment.

And most importantly, we will welcome feedback from you — our lifeblood, our readership.

The Cavalier Daily is dedicated not just to surviving but thriving. We are committed to continuing the momentum spurred by the previous term. We will ride the wave of change into the future — a future full of possibility.

Published January 26, 2014 in Opinion

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