Managing Board


​Continuity in a time of transition

Here at The Cavalier Daily, the 126th term is coming to a close, and the question of continuity — of preserving the progress we have made — matters deeply to us.

​By the numbers

As the semester comes to a close, the Managing Board recounts some notable numbers.

​Don’t rely on student fees to cover athletics deficit

There is no inherent issue with students subsidizing athletic programs; student fees cover a wide array of University resources, including services such as student health and University transit, as well as funding for Contracted Independent Organizations.

​Students should care about bus safety

While the incident may appear isolated for U.Va. students, transportation safety — especially for interstate buses — is important for students since they frequently take low-budget buses. Inadequate regulation can cost lives.

​Woodrow Wilson’s name should stay

As many other schools reconsider which figures they commemorate and how they do so, University students have not mobilized to question the commemoration of controversial figures at our school.

​Test-optional may not be the answer

The college application process is by no means entirely meritocratic now, but the more personal it becomes, the less meritocratic it becomes, too. Admissions offices need better metrics with which to evaluate their applicants — but that doesn’t mean we should do away with metrics altogether.