Love Connection: Bachelor Edition

Third-year looks for love on three different dates

This week on Love Connection, we solicited a special Valentine’s Day bachelor, Colin, to go on three dates. At the end of the night, Colin chose the girl who impressed him the most. Ezra and Eve, the two new Love Connection Interns, secretly watched each date and offered their own opinions on how things went. Find out who wins a shot at a second date on this week’s Love Connection: Bachelor Edition.

Year: Third
School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major: History, Religious Studies
U.Va. Involvement: Cru, Campus Cookies
Hometown: Richmond
Ideal Date: Dinner at a nice restaurant followed by a movie and stargazing
Deal breakers? Smoking (by that I mean cigarettes, being smoking hot is fine), full body tattoos
Describe a typical weekend: Working at Campus Cookies on Fridays, then goofing off on the Internet instead of doing homework
Hobbies: Karaoke, eating salad, cuddling
What makes you a good catch? I’m reliable, devoted and willing to go to great lengths to make other people happy.
What’s your favorite pick-up line? I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

Date One: Wendy and Colin

Year: Fourth
School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major: Government
U.Va. Involvement: UGuides, Organization of African Students, APO
Hometown: Accra, Ghana
Ideal Date: Must be able to put up with sass, funny, able to name all the countries on the African continent (specifically Ghana), must speak a little bit of Italian so he may whisper sweet nothings into my ear. Must give good massages.
Deal breakers? Big butts, alcoholics, boring men.
Hobbies: Working the door at Phi Delt, sleeping and being the little spoon.
What makes you a good catch? Best sense of humor in Charlottesville and the American and African continents. Always up for an adventure.
Describe yourself in one sentence: Queen of sass with a whole lot of class.

Wendy and Colin met at Dunkin Donuts at 5 p.m. for a 45 minute date.

Colin: I thought the conversation was really friendly and pleasant. I was trying to avoid asking the typical interview questions. I was trying to ask some deeper questions but I think she went to the go-to inquiries like where do you live, what are you majoring in, et cetera.

Wendy: I’d like to tutor him in life, like a “big sis” kind of thing, [and] just to get more Campus Cookies from him, since he works at Campus Cookies.

Colin: She’s a very fast talker, so it was very to the point and rapidly fired. So not a lot of flirting going on.

Wendy: I didn’t feel like there was any flirting going on. I will probably not friend him on Facebook, since there are hundreds of Colins on Facebook.

Colin: We both went into this knowing it wasn’t that big of a deal. It was a friendly little chat—nothing special, nothing too big. It was a 6 in the love department but a 10 in the friendship one.

Wendy: I would rate the date a 6. I thought we had a really nice conversation, but it was just rushed.

From the interns
Let’s just say I’d be surprised if they said “hello” to each other on the Trolley. Colin opens with “pleasure to meet you,” which appears to be his signature phrase. He opens with a story about a southwestern omelet he made for breakfast. Colin presents Wendy with a hypothetical situation: What would she do for one weekend without any work or obligations? Wendy explains that she would want to go to Europe while Colin would want to stay in and play board games with his roommates. Wendy explains her social activities at length, to which Colin responds, “You sound really busy!” Colin ends the date by saying, “I really should be looking at the time.”

Date Two: Julia and Colin

Year: Fourth
School: School of Commerce
Major: Commerce, Film studies
Hometown: Spotsylvania
Ideal Date: Ideally, my date would let me borrow one of two jet packs he had recently purchased. We would zoom above Charlottesville, enjoying the gorgeous views and dropping acorns on people who walk across the Lawn without even looking up at the Rotunda.
Deal breakers? Boring people. Arrogant people.
What makes you a good catch? I’m a foodie but I also like working out, so I’m not obese (yet).
What’s your favorite pick-up line? Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?
Describe yourself in one sentence: My favorite food is snow.

Julia and Colin met at Dunkin Donuts at 6 p.m. for a 45 minute date.

Julia: I thought it was natural and easy to talk to him. It was pretty balanced; we were both asking each other questions. It wasn’t really awkward.

Colin: It felt a little more natural than it did with Wendy, a little less forced. We found some mutual interests, such as we’re both in Christian fellowship and film.

Julia: I was getting more of a friend vibe, which was fine. I just felt like we were talking as two friends.

Colin: I could definitely see myself going out with her again. It was hard to tell if there was a romantic connection given the time constraints. Though I’d say there probably wasn’t, I could see going on a date with her in the future.

Julia: We exchanged numbers. If he added me on Facebook, I would say yes.

Colin: I would rate the date a 7.5. Compared to Wendy’s date, it felt a lot more comfortable, and the conversation felt a little more relaxed and natural.

Julia: I would rate it a 7. He seems really nice, and I’m sure we’ll be friends in the future.

From the interns
It’s like they’re long lost pals from church camp. Colin seems extra nervous and appears to like Julia from the start. He rehashes the story about the omelet. A stranger nearby notes early on that it is obvious that the two of them are on a first date. Julia was very impressed by Colin’s job at Campus Cookies. She talked about how much she loves cornbread and how she used to ask for cornbread cakes for her birthday as a child. Colin ends this date by saying, “Unfortunately, out of time… do you want to exchange numbers?” As Julia walks out, Colin shouts, “Take care!” Julia does not respond.

Date Three: Erin and Colin

Year: First
School: College of Arts & Sciences
Major: Undecided
U.Va. involvement: Chi Omega, Madison House, Monroe Society
Hometown: Springfield
Ideal Date: Cosmic bowling and cone-ing.
Deal breakers? Smoking, cockiness, axe-murdering
Hobbies: Netflix and Nutella
What makes you a good catch? My laid-back personality and smokin’ bod.
What’s your favorite pick-up line? Are you a beaver? …’Cause, dam!
Describe yourself in one sentence: Did someone say cookies?

Erin and Colin met at Dunkin Donuts at 7 p.m. for a 45 minute date.

Erin: We walked not quite to the Downtown Mall, but to the intersection before it, and then walked back. It was very slushy.

Colin: It was a little less natural than with either Wendy or Julia; it felt a little more forced than either one. We decided to take a walk, and the sidewalk conditions were not conducive to having an in-depth conversion; that made it a little more awkward.

Erin: I would say that the conversation was good. I think it was a pretty balanced conversation. We both took turns answering questions.

Colin: I don’t feel like there was any flirting going on. I couldn’t really see myself hanging out with her much as a friend, either. We didn’t really have much in common.

Erin: I would say there was not flirting going on, but I’m not very good at detecting that so it could just be me.

Colin: I would probably not see myself going out with her again. I didn’t sense any romantic connection whatsoever.

Erin: I would rate the date a 7.5. I felt it was a pretty good conversation, and I liked that we got to walk around in the snow. He’s a really nice person.

Colin: I would rate the date a 4. We didn’t really click; not much chemistry there.

From the interns
Initially we believed there was chemistry and anticipated a potential hook-up on the “stroll,” but Colin later revealed to be not too enamored with Erin. We were not able to gather much more, as they were gone almost the entire time.

Colin gave Julia our Love Connection “rose,” meaning Colin is most interested in a second date with Julia. Julia accepted his offer, so look out for their second date!

Published February 16, 2014 in FP test, Life

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