Not a Typical Bad Hair Day

Emily Franklin is an acclaimed photographer who hails from Metro Detroit. In 2013, she received her Master’s in Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University and she currently teaches photography at her alma mater. Her works explore themes of conscience, corporeality, fantasy and identity.

Franklin’s “To Rid Myself of You,” a video depicting a woman who is oddly attached to her hair, shows a young lady wearing a blue patterned outfit with short hair and piercings in both ears. The woman sits in a white background patterned with yellow spots.

She has her back turned away from the camera and proceeds to pull out one strand of hair at a time. After she pulls out her hair, she places it in a pile. She feels her hair and continues to pick out strands from specific places. The camera then focuses on the pile of hair that has accumulated and reveals numerous white flakes: the roots of the woman’s hair.

Overall, the photographic element of the video was fascinating. The colors and technique used to capture the woman brought her story to life. Additionally, Franklin was mindful of each and every detail. The fact that the woman’s face was turned away from the camera made the shot all the more mysterious. If this preview piqued your interest, check out more of Franklin’s work by visiting her website.

Published February 3, 2014 in Arts and Entertainment, tableau

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