Fourth-Year Trustees make push for class giving

Flags on lawn represent percentage of class to pledge


The Fourth Year Trustees set up a display on the Lawn (above) with Orange flags representing the percent of the class that has pledged gifts.

Kelsey Grant | Cavalier Daily

The Fourth-Year Trustees placed small orange and blue flags on the Lawn this week to represent the number of students who have contributed to the fourth-year class giving campaign.

Class Giving Co-Chair Christine Pajewski, a fourth-year Education student, said the 2,200 orange flags represent the 64 percent of fourth-year students who have already pledged a gift, while the 1,200 blue flags represent the students who have yet to make a pledge.

“We as a committee hope this visual representation of our class encourages those students who have not participated yet to join the majority of the class in giving back to something that has made an impact on their time here at the University,” Pajewski said in an email.

Class Giving is an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Fourth-Year Trustees which encourages graduating students to pledge a monetary gift to the University. Students decide which student organization or University department will receive the money they donate.

“What is special about our giving campaign is that students can donate to anything at the University that has made an impact on their time here, whether it be a CIO, their major, AccessUVa, UVA Athletics, or even the libraries,” Pajewski said.

Haider Arshad, the Fourth-Year Trustees vice president, said pledging for this year’s campaign has been extremely successful.

“Class Giving has been very effective so far,” he said. “Our class has the highest percentage of students that have pledged or given so far through March, and we’re well on our way to beat the all-time high of 68 percent set by last year’s class.”

Arshad said that while the money donated aids University operations and development, the primary focus of the campaign is total participation from the Class of 2014.

“We encourage students to give whatever they can, no matter if that number is $2.14, $20.14 or two million dollars,” Arshad said. “The campaign is about establishing a long lasting relationship with the University and the areas that impacted your four years.”

The total amount of money donated has not yet been calculated, and Pajewski said the campaign is still in full force.

“Our big final push will occur April 6-10 with a phone-a-thon,” she said. “Here, 2014 and 2015 Trustees will call students who have not yet made a pledge or gift and talk with them one-on-one about the campaign and the importance of giving back.”

The deadline for students to pledge a gift is Final Exercises weekend. Students then have until June 30 to pay.

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