Student Council seeks solution to lack of Foxfield transport

Tuesday meeting also addresses new ambassador program

Student Council hit the ground running Tuesday evening with its second meeting of the term.

Council began work on new projects, including obtaining buses to transport students to this year’s Foxfield races. Because UTS will not be providing transportation, Student Council has reached out to a bus company in Raleigh, hoping to implement a similar system to previous years, but run through Council.

In addition, Council President Jalen Ross, a third-year Engineering student, announced a new Council ambassador program that is going to be launched this year.

“One of the biggest ways I think that we will begin to fix our relationships problem is to be at [events] that our constituents hold,” Ross said.

The new program would advertise large-scale events on a central forum. Council representatives would be required to attend a certain number of the events so that there is at least one representative at all of them.

“I’m kind of branding us as Student Council ambassadors so that people can put a face to Student Council,” Ross said. “The more Student Council members we can get at events, talking to people, the better. [We need to have] intentional conversations about how the event is going, what the event is for … so that we know where they’re going and what they need help with as well as asking about problems.”

First-year College student Abe Axler, chair of the representative body, said the ambassador program is part of Council’s effort to make students more connected to the organization.

“We’re showing them what Studco can do and how Studco cares,” Axler said.

In addition, the Student Concerns Committee worked on drafting a resolution for sexual assault policies at the University. Sexual assault cannot be considered an honor offense due to several conflicting federal laws; however the resolution would provide tangible points of advocacy for change at the University. The resolution is titled “The Sexual Misconduct Awareness, Recovery, and Tangible Change (SMART) Resolution.”

“I’m really excited that our Student Concerns Committee is going to be taking up the SMART resolution,” Ross said. “It’s a list of six or seven things that we think we can advocate for tangible change there. There aren’t really hurdles to getting these things done. It just takes real manpower and initiative, which we have.”

The committee will include a report clarifying the federal laws which hinder making sexual assault an honor offense along with the resolution at next week’s meeting.

“Every University in the country is currently grappling with this,” Ross said. “The biggest thing for us after passing it is ensuring that they follow through on it. It partners us with the administration.”

The resolution will be brought to a vote before the entire Council next week.

Published April 8, 2014 in FP test, News

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