Guiding the summer

Interns at the Office of Admissions give tours of Grounds all summer


Interns at the Office of Admission write blog posts, help the Outreach Office and give tours to prospective students throughout the summer.

Photo provided by Veronica Mercado.

The University’s Class of 2018 has not yet set foot on Grounds, but interns at the Office of Admission are already courting the University’s future generations. In addition to blogging for Hoo Stories and assisting the Outreach Office, interns at the Office of Admission trudge through the grueling Charlottesville summer humidity twice a day to give tours.

The experience, though, offers them an exciting opportunity to connect with prospective students and witness a quieter season on Grounds.

“I love summer in Charlottesville because its a little bit more low key,” Education graduate student Chelsea Marcelin said. “The Corner isn’t as crowded, I can go hiking, head to the river for tubing, and it’s super fun. I’ve been able to do things that I wasn’t able to do even in my four years [as an undergraduate student].”

Students started work May 12, right after turning in their last finals, and those who were members of the University Guide Service helped to quickly train the rest on how to give tours.

“By the end of the first week, we moved on to giving solo tours,” second-year Engineering student Veronica Mercado said. “It was definitely helpful that the first few weeks of summer, the tour groups were much smaller than they’ve become recently”.

What tour groups lack in numbers, however, they make up for with spirit. Third-year College student Belen Osman recounted a recent tour she gave to middle school students.

“When I took them to the Amphitheater, one of them asked me of we held jousting events and fed kids to lions in there,” Osman said.

Off duty, the summer guides have had the opportunity to experience Charlottesville without the bustle of classes.

“It’s much quieter with fewer people on Grounds, so it’s like you have the entire place to yourself,” Osman said.

Mercado said she enjoys the shorter lines at Chipotle and the empty gym.

“I finally went to the farmers market,” Marcelin said. “Definitely recommend it to anyone in town!”

The summer guides will provide tours until the beginning of the school year

“Regardless of whether I’m talking to a parent or student, seeing the excitement in their face as I’m explaining aspects of their University is always rewarding,” Osman said. “Many people travel hundreds of miles to tour the University so if I’m able to make their visit worthwhile, it’s a great feeling to walk away with.”

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