Caelan and Jasmine

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Caelan and Jasmine met on Saturday at 1 p.m. and went to Mellow Mushroom on the Corner.

Caelan: I signed up for Love Connection because one of my friends was recently in one, and a different friend and I were reading it and we thought it would be fun to do. I filled out the survey and it looked like a cool opportunity.

Jasmine: I thought it would be a fun adventure. I had nothing to lose from doing it, and I knew that I would gain a new friend from doing it at the very least.

Caelan: I was kind of surprised when I was chosen. I thought that you filled it out and it took a long time to get along to you, but I was contacted quickly, so I was excited. I have never been on a blind date before, so I was a little nervous. I had read a couple similar articles and some of them had ended up really awkward, so I was kind of worried but also excited.

Jasmine: I was pretty excited and a little bit nervous about what I got myself into. I haven’t been on a blind date before, so I didn’t really have any expectations. I thought it might be awkward or weird, and I went into it thinking it was going to be a little bit of an uphill battle.

Caelan: I was at the Rotunda about five minutes early so I sat there and waited. There were other people around, so I didn’t know who I was meeting. She ended up being a bit late. We made a plan and decided to go to Mellow. She seemed really nice.

Jasmine: I was actually running late because some Evangelists stopped me, and they walked with me to the date. I saw him standing there, and it was obvious that he was waiting for someone. We introduced ourselves, and I said bye to the Evangelists. He seemed really nice and quirky but in a cool way. He also seemed intelligent.

Caelan: The conversation itself was really easy. I sometimes have a tendency to do a lot of talking, but it didn’t feel super forced. We did the whole, “What year are you, what major are you, etc.” and it went pretty well from there. We talked about our mutual friends, our church experiences and the fact that we’re both from Virginia.

Jasmine: It wasn’t very awkward. There were a few quiet moments, but we’re strangers, so it was kind of expected. The conversation flowed pretty freely. Usually I’m a talker, but I found myself listening more, [but] not because he was dominating the conversation. We talked about our academic paths, a little about our families, travels, adventure and the outdoors.

Caelan: Jasmine asked for our waitress’ name at the beginning, and that’s something I wish I did more. We made sure to try to say her name every time she came by our table, and I was finally able to say it at the end when she brought our check.

Jasmine: We had a few things in common — we’re both third-years, we’re both Christian and we both like pineapples on our pizza. We’re also both sarcastic which is good. We don’t take things too seriously.

Caelan: I got more of a friend vibe. The conversation was easy, but there was no romantic interest.

Jasmine: It was more of a friend vibe.

Caelan: We split the pizza and the bill and then we left. My car was parked close by, so I drove her home.

Jasmine: The check came, and he offered to pay, but I gave him cash. I thought it would be weird to have a stranger pay for me.

Caelan: I would give it a 7 and a half out of 10. The conversation was great, I had a good time, but there was no romantic spark.

Jasmine: We talked about it and decided it was definitely over a five. I would give it a 7 and a half.

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