Charlottesville milkshakes bring students to Route 29

Among many eateries in town, a winner emerges

Charlottesville is nationally known for its beautiful vineyards and breweries, but locals, especially University students, know that Charlottesville is home to the best that frozen dairy products can offer — milkshakes.

The delicious frozen treat can be found anywhere from Grounds to the Corner to Route 29.

Immediately on Grounds, the Pavilion XI in Newcomb Hall has a Chick-Fil-A and Five Guys, both of which provide milkshakes. Chick-Fil-A has always had milkshakes on the menu, but Five Guys is relatively new to the game — the famous burger and fries joint only began serving milkshakes in 2014 in select locations.

Luckily for the University, the Pav’s Five Guys is one of them.

Second-year College students John Costello and Kyle Manetz, who said they frequently indulge their milkshake cravings, were recently found enjoying chocolate and Oreo flavored milkshakes from Five Guys in the Pav.

“He’s obsessed with milkshakes,” Costello said of Manetz, who tags along for milkshake runs when the mood strikes.

Both Costello and Manetz said the line at Five Guys is often shorter than at Chick-Fil-A and the burger joint offers a similar product.

On the Corner, Boylan is the superior milkshake choice in terms of taste. Few Corner spots serve milkshakes, and Boylan has capitalized on the Corner’s lack of milkshake options with their Monday night “five dollar deal.”

But on the other nights of the week, Manetz said he will go to the Pav instead because of the typical cost of Boylan’s milkshakes, and the ease of utilizing his Plus Dollars through the dining hall meal plan.

“Boylan has the best milkshakes. It’s not value though, but they’re really good,” Manetz said. “We went a couple times [to Boylan] last semester when life was really difficult, but realized it’s like seven or eight dollars.”

For students truly ranking their milkshake options on price instead of quality, a place usually necessitating transportation is the winner. In addition to the quick and easy milkshake service of southern fast food joint Cookout on Route 29, Costello, Manetz and third-year College student Kelsey Hunt, who also grew up in Charlottesville, said Cookout also has the best bang for your buck.

“You get the combo and it’s only a dollar more for a milkshake,” Manetz said.

Zinburger is a burger restaurant in the Barracks Road Shopping Center that Hunt said is her favorite spot when she is going for a higher quality shake. Although Zinburger offers fewer flavor options than Cookout, Hunt said of the choices available, their milkshakes are decadent and creamier in comparison to the consistency Cookout offers.

“I get milkshakes maybe once every week or two, but I frequent Cookout the most,” Hunt said.

In addition to the best milkshakes in taste and value, it seems the best time to seek out the frozen treat is year-round.

“Every time is a good time to get a milkshake,” Manetz said. “Go whenever you can.”

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