Honor Committee considers making Constitution, bylaws language more gender-inclusive

Proposal follows successful effort last semester by University Judiciary Committee to update its constitution


Ory Streeter (middle) is spearheading the initiative to create more gender-inclusive language.

Kate Bellows | Cavalier Daily

The Honor Committee announced it is working to change the language of its bylaws and Constitution to make it more gender-inclusive at its Sunday meeting.

Currently, the documents use language such as “he/she” and “chairman.” The new language includes “their” and “the accused student.”

“We have taken the bylaws and the Constitution and pored over them,” said Ory Streeter, a third-year Medical student and Honor Committee representative. “We’ve basically eliminated all the gendered language.”

Streeter is spearheading the effort to change the language. While changes to bylaws can be approved by the Committee, the student body must vote on a referendum to approve the new language in the Constitution.

Streeter said he met with the Queer Student Union earlier Sunday and that they were supportive of the language changes he proposed.

“[This is] all just in an effort to create a more inclusive environment within the Honor system,” Streeter said.

Last semester, a University Judiciary Committee referendum passed to replace gendered language with gender-neutral language in the UJC Constitution. The referendum passed with 83.4 percent of the vote. 

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