Third Year Council hosts student-led dialogue

TYC Social Committee organizes ‘Food for Thought’ to share stories from the third-year class


Students sit at the Third Year Council's Food for Thought event.

Nafisa Mazumdar | Cavalier Daily

Third-Year Council hosted Food for Thought, a social garden party, in Garden IX Tuesday evening. The event was intended to bring students together and commemorate the Class of 2019’s stories. 

“We wanted to hear voices of our class that you normally wouldn’t hear from,” said Michelle Hong, a third-year College student Michelle Hong and TYC Social Committee chair. “We wanted to put an emphasis that there are so many different students at this University with so many different stories.” 

The Social Committee primarily organized the event in partnership with the Community Engagement Committee within the TYC and featured five student speakers, as well as food and music. 

TYC decorated Garden IX and the food was served before the event, so students were able to eat dinner while listening to the speakers. 

The speakers shared their unique life stories to help inspire the students of the third-year class. The student speakers ranged from those who faced abuse, to those who grappled with illness, to the children of immigrants who struggled adapting to American culture.  

As speakers told their stories, the TYC also helped to pass out multiple boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts amongst the attendees.  

Third-year College student Sabrina Grandhi, who currently serves on the Social Committee, elaborated on the purpose and conception of the idea for the event. 

“We wanted to bring incredible food, incredible stories and incredible people together, and that’s what inspired the title ‘Food for Thought,’” Grandhi said. “Food for Thought — not only is it like a cool title, and it’s pretty catchy — but it also conveys a message that we wanted to leave people with after the event … It’s an event that’s supposed to make you think about things you wouldn’t necessarily think about every day.” 

Hannah Thompson, a third-year College student on the Social Committee, commented on the guest speakers’ stories. 

“I personally know a lot of the speakers, but just from hearing brief excerpts of what they are going to talk about, I had no idea that some of these things were in their background,” Thompson said. 

Rebecca Soistmann, a third-year College student and TYC vice president, said she hopes those who came to the event now better understand how to listen to another’s story.

“I think the people that came now have a better understanding of their classmates’ pasts and have more compassion for people that are struggling,” Soistmann said. “If you can’t see why they’re struggling, just know that there’s a lot of stuff that’s beneath the surface, and we’re not always guys-in-ties, girls-in-pearls — there are so many other people that go here.” 

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