Honor to introduce new outreach campaign

Campaign to consider how community of trust is defined, highlight various faculty perspectives


Brandt Welch, a fourth-year College student and the Honor Committee's vice chair for community relations, speaks at their meeting Sunday evening

Kate Bellows | Cavalier Daily

The Honor Committee held its first meeting of the semester Sunday evening and introduced a new outreach campaign entitled “What Is The Point?” Brandt Welch, a fourth-year Engineering student and Honor Committee vice chair for community relations, introduced the initiative and said the title was inspired by Honor Committee Chair Devin Rossin’s speech during Honor Convocation in 2017. 

According to Welch, the intent behind the initiative is to redefine the community of trust and make it more relevant to the University student body. 

“We had this idea of redefining a community of a trust to better represent student needs and concerns,” Welch said. “I found [Honor] did a great job of … changing the way we think about community of trust ... it’s time to make all the other people outside of Honor hopefully think about it differently too.”

The first eight weeks of the initiative involve highlighting faculty and administration in order to showcase varying perspectives on what Honor means to them. Welch said he hopes that the interesting perspectives will shed a new light on what is often an ambiguous topic for students. 

“Everybody ... thinks about Honor a little bit differently … I want to hear what those people think, and especially faculty since they’re around a lot longer than students usually,” Welch said. “Maybe they have had a little bit more time to see Honor change.”

Welch said the Committee is in the process of reaching out to various members of the University faculty, and hopes to begin advertising the initiative next Wednesday depending on the amount of faculty feedback received. Welch also noted that the Committee would like to reach out to men’s basketball coach Tony Bennett and incoming University President James Ryan. 

The Committee also discussed the increasing presence of study services such as StudySoup, a website featuring student notes from a wide variety of courses at both the University and other institutions, and whether or not usage of the site and similar services would be considered an Honor violation. The Committee stated that allowing students to use the services is up to the individual professor’s discretion and explicit information would need to be placed in the course syllabus if a professor decides that the usage of notes services for the course is unacceptable. 

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