Student Council representative endorsements


Each candidate clearly stated how they were able to best represent their constituency and outlined substantial policies they planned on implementing.

Courtesy U.Va. Student Council

The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board has endorsed a total of 24 candidates for this spring’s student elections. Comprised of the executive editor, editor-in-chief and three members-at-large, the Editorial Board offers commentary on local and national issues as they relate to the University community. In line with its mission, the board conducted endorsement interviews for candidates seeking election to Student Council, the Honor Committee and the University Judiciary Committee. To qualify for an endorsement, candidates were required to be running in a contested election. In addition, candidates were required to commit to a campaign spending cap as part of a campaign finance petition signed by the Editorial Board and several other student organizations. 

The board will be withholding its endorsement for Student Council President and Vice President for Administration until after the Cavalier Daily’s Student Council presidential candidates forum on Monday, Feb. 19.

Of the 13 candidates seeking an endorsement for Student Council Representative from the College of Arts and Sciences, The Cavalier Daily Editorial Board chose to endorse nine individuals. These candidates are Ian Ware, Ellie Brasacchio, Brian Cameron, Ally Kammerman, Chi Chan, Avery Gagne, Liya Abseno, Lukas Pietrzak and Amr Metwally. Each candidate clearly stated how they were able to best represent their constituency and outlined substantial policies they planned on implementing.

Each of the incumbents — Ware, Kammerman, Gagne, Pietrzak, Chan and Brasacchio — expressed thoughtfully planned initiatives. Ware’s platform rested on affordability and accessibility, particularly on financial aid and increasing tuition costs. Kammerman addressed a desire for more legislation for diversity and efficiency within Student Council, as well as continuing with deliverables with more action-based work. Pietrzak focused on safety as his main issue with plans on improving Safe Ride and University Transit Service, while Gagne would build upon the accountability of Student Council, among other topics. Chan was most concerned with connecting the inner branch of Student Council with the representative body, mentioning concerns that the representative body doesn’t have enough discussion. Brasacchio, who also serves as the current chair of the Representative Body, stated that her first priority was the relationship between Student Council and the Board of Visitors. All have experience with the processes of StudCo and strong platforms to build upon, with many listing transparency, diversity, safety and connections to the administration and Student Council’s Executive Board as some of the concerns they hope to improve upon.

Though new to the representative position, Cameron is a candidate who has served on the Diversity Engagement Committee within Student Council. His platform of equity, progress and inclusion cites increasing relations between the University and the local community as a priority. Metwally, currently a member of Student Council’s Student Concerns Committee, would work to improve financial accountability in Student Council  if elected. 

Abseno, though new to the University as a transfer student, has had an abundance of experience with student government, previously serving as president of the Student Government Association at Northern Virginia Community College. Abseno provides a voice for transfer students and has an interest in activism and increasing diversity within Student Council.

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