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Honor Committee renames psychological evaluation procedure with more inclusive terminology

(10/22/18 4:34am)

The Honor Committee approved changing the name of the Contributory Mental Disorder process to Contributory Health Impairment in a meeting Sunday. The change is intended to make the terminology more inclusive by acknowledging that the current policy also allows for conditions that are not explicitly mental, such as a brain tumor, but could still contribute to committing Honor offenses.

Forest Clowns to be brought back in effort to boost communal ties

(10/25/18 3:00am)

As the midterm elections approach, it becomes increasingly clear that Americans are as divided as ever. In an effort to combat that evergrowing schism, the Virginia General Assembly passed HB 1624 on Oct. 16, financing a plan designed to increase communal ties and employment by incentivizing people to act as Communal Linking and Order Workers for Neighborliness.

A New Englander reflects on the Virginia State Fair

(10/23/18 2:22am)

Fall break is a bit of an enigma in and of itself. Here at the University, professors continue to call this period “Reading Days,” maintaining some hope that the student body is going out of their way to practice some level of literacy over a four day period. Yet, only the few and the proud choose to crack a book. As a result, many students make it their prerogative to either go home for the long weekend or to find some iteration of watching Netflix in bed for 96 hours straight. I myself took to the highway. I was generously offered a weekend trip home with a native of the Richmond area, and I jumped at the opportunity for a couple of reasons. For one, I have heard that Richmond is the closest urban center, and, being from the Boston area, I tend to long for urine-scented asphalt from time to time. More importantly however, I wanted to go to Richmond over fall break because it was the final weekend of the Virginia State Fair. 

‘Celebration of Service’ event highlights student, nonprofit organizations on Inauguration Weekend

(10/22/18 3:46am)

As part of the inauguration celebration of University president Jim Ryan this past weekend, a “Celebration of Service” event took place Saturday at the McIntire Amphitheater to emphasize Ryan’s commitment as U.Va.’s ninth president to public service and giving back to the local community. 

‘Black-ish’ avoids comedic slump of veteran sitcoms

(10/22/18 1:52am)

ABC’s Golden Globe-nominated sitcom “Black-ish” got off to a slow start this week in its season premiere, making audiences wonder whether the socially-aware series is beginning to hit the slump experienced by veteran comedies like “Modern Family” and “The Big Bang Theory.” Yet, hallmarks of the show — including the skillful intertwining of modern family humor with honest conversations about race — remind viewers that “Black-ish” remains ABC’s freshest comedy to date.

Second Annual Unity Shabbat fosters solidarity during times of division

(10/22/18 3:38pm)

Students and members of the Charlottesville community alike joined the Jewish Leadership Council at the Brody Jewish Center on Friday for the Second Annual Unity Shabbat. The diverse mix — including groups of friends, local families and enthusiastic newcomers — gathered to stand in solidarity to reflect upon the Neo-Nazi rallies of Aug. 11 and 12 last summer and show support for their peers and the Jewish Community that exists both on and off Grounds.

The hallmarks of encroaching adulthood as a second year

(10/22/18 2:11am)

An important part of moving away from home for me was embarrassingly realizing how many things I do not know about something as simple as living in an apartment. We all come to the University to learn, but that idea typically bears the image of sitting in a classroom, squinting at illegible scribbled words on the blackboard and red corrective marks on returned essays and exams. Outside of the classroom, however, learning rarely looks like this.

LETTER: Racism in schools is not just a Charlottesville problem

(10/24/18 2:01am)

In regards to the recent New York Times and ProPublica article, “‘You Are Still Black’: Charlottesville’s Racial Divide Hinders Students,” by Erica L. Green and Annie Waldman, I appreciate the message and point brought on the issue of racism in public schools — it is a starting conversation around a real issue that plagues America. However, the article does not adequately call for a change of the systematic racism that exists in public schools throughout the U.S.

YOWELL: Tinder is ruining college relationships

(10/23/18 11:31pm)

In recent years, online dating has become increasingly popular, creating a new demand in the dating world where one must catch eyes merely based off of a few pictures and a brief biographical description. While this may sound impersonal to some, people have flocked to such sites in hopes of finding a match. According to a Pew Research Center survey, this is especially true for college-aged students where participation has nearly tripled since 2013, going from 10 percent then to 27 percent now. Additionally, roughly one-in-five people between the ages 18 and 24 self-report using dating apps on their cellphones, showing a substantial increase from 2013 where only 5 percent reported using such apps. However, this clear increase in the usage of dating apps has had detrimental consequences through devolving millennial dating into a hookup-only scene. 

U.Va. President Jim Ryan, students and faculty share personal stories at Inauguration Weekend event

(10/22/18 4:39am)

During an event in Old Cabell Hall Saturday, the day after his inauguration as the University’s ninth president, Jim Ryan shared his story of how he met his biological mother for the first time. At the event, entitled “Double Take: Stories that Make you Think Twice,” Ryan and nine other University faculty, staff and students shared personal stories with a few hundred attendees in an effort to express a “spectrum of diverse identities and experiences.” 

Law alumnus speaks about his experience with police racial profiling at U.Va.

(10/22/18 4:41am)

Over a year after coming forward with claims that he was racially profiled and intimidated by the University Police Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2011, U.Va. Law School alumnus Johnathan Perkins returned to the University last Thursday for an open conversation at an event in Caplin Pavilion. The event was organized by the University’s Black Law Students Association. 

Jim Ryan sworn in as U.Va.’s ninth president, delivers inaugural address during ceremony

(10/20/18 4:40pm)

University President Jim Ryan was officially inaugurated as U.Va.’s ninth president Friday afternoon. The ceremony took place on the South Lawn in front of Old Cabell Hall and was attended by University staff, delegates from other universities and colleges and state officials. Ryan took office Aug. 1,  succeeding former president Teresa Sullivan.