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Student Council Sustainability Committee receives $9,700 grant from Environmental Fund for LEED Green Associate Exams

(02/27/19 3:15am)

Student Council’s Sustainability Committee received a nearly $10,000 grant earlier this month from the Equity and Environment Fund. Nina Morris, the sustainability outreach and engagement manager for the University’s Office for Sustainability, wrote in an email to The Cavalier Daily that the fund “is set up to support students/student groups for community-based initiatives or projects that sit at the intersection of equity, justice, and sustainability.” 

BHARADWAJ: Student Council is a glorified bookkeeping club

(02/28/19 12:33am)

With the brouhaha of elections finally upon us, we have begun to see the same tired monologues stressing the importance of Student Council and imploring increased turnout — which in recent elections hovered around 20 percent of the populace. However, contrary to what many of our peers would have us believe, the Council does not have the power to legislate any degree of meaningful change in our lives — nor should they. In truth, the Council is little more than a glorified bookkeeping club — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing — but without any tangible authority whatsoever, there is no reason for the average student to be concerned with the outcome of these races. 

BATSUKH: The ALC must reform to better represent the APIDA community

(03/11/19 11:17pm)

People of minority culture and descent face real and continuous issues, at both the University and throughout the United States as a whole. Advocacy groups, especially among students of color, do passionate and admirable work. Contributions from the Latinx Student Alliance, Black Student Alliance and other similar groups at the University greatly improve the student experience and make lasting changes that impact students in meaningful ways. These associations accomplish these feats in large part due to their legitimacy, derived from their widespread renown and effective outreach methods. These factors enable organizations to advocate for a larger group in a way that is honest and useful. Unfortunately, the Asian Leaders Council fails to meet these standards. 

What’s missing from the Academy Awards?

(02/27/19 2:27am)

It’s true — the telecast of the Oscars is already long enough as is, with the most recent 91st Academy Awards taking over three hours to award all of the statuettes. But despite its exhaustive run-time, the Academy is still not hitting all of the marks when it comes to the categories they reward. Here, the Arts and Entertainment Staff has detailed four new, relevant and interesting honors for the Academy to consider adding into the next Oscars ceremony.

A stubborn Northerner’s say on whether Virginia is part of the South

(03/01/19 3:22am)

I remember walking into my dorm on move-in day, drenched in sweat from a combination of carrying my luggage up the Dillard stairs and the sweltering heat of Charlottesville. I made a comment to my roommate —  “I cannot believe I go to school in the South. This is way too hot for me.” My sweet roommate, born and raised in Harrisonburg, looked me dead in the eyes and stated in the most serious voice I had ever heard, “Virginia, or at least Charlottesville, is not the South.” 

Student Council presidential candidates discuss accessibility, diversity during debate

(02/27/19 4:15am)

Student Council presidential candidates Ellie Brasacchio, a third-year College student and the current chair of the Student Council Representative Body and Arabella Lee, a first-year Curry student, answered questions about various topics — ranging from accessibility to the living wage — during the third-annual Student Council Presidential Debate co-hosted Monday night by The Cavalier Daily and the University Board of Elections — the organization responsible for conducting University-wide student elections and referenda — in Wilson Hall.

LETTER: No matter how many people are running, you should vote

(02/26/19 11:54pm)

The Spring 2019 University-wide elections is running now until March 1, 4 p.m. In recent years, voting has been viewed as an important duty among many American citizens, yet these efforts did not translate to last year’s University-wide election. Only 18.77 percent of University students voted in last year’s Student Council presidential election, with three candidates running. While many of the elections on the ballot are uncontested or not competitive, there still needs to be an increase in student voter turnout this year. 

“Hamilton” star shares experience of sexual abuse, recovery

(02/28/19 4:34am)

Antuan Raimone — an actor in the Broadway shows “Hamilton” and “In The Heights” — spoke about his experiences as a survivor of sexual assault at an event hosted by the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center’s Gender Violence and Social Change program in Nau Hall Monday evening with an audience of about 15 people. 

VITI: New smoking law misunderstands adult responsibility

(02/28/19 1:47am)

Gov. Ralph Northam signed a bill this Thursday changing the legal age to buy all tobacco, nicotine and vaping products in Virginia from 18 to 21, with an exemption for those in active military service. This law makes Virginia the seventh state to raise the legal age to purchase such products in an attempt to curb teenage nicotine/tobacco addiction and abuse. However, attempts by state legislatures to induce responsible behavior by outlawing a practice among this age group creates a culture in which young adults are disrespected by the law and so learn to disrespect it. 

‘’ fights violence with empathy

(02/26/19 8:16pm)

Visitors to the Fralin Museum of Art can hear the new installation from Pittsburgh-based artist Vanessa German before climbing the marble stairs to the second floor. A three-part exhibit accompanied by a 24-minute soundscape which plays on repeat, “” — which opened Feb. 22 and is on display until July 7 — is the museum’s most visually and thematically impressive in recent memory. 

Awards season red carpet fashion recap

(02/28/19 7:28pm)

As the 2018-2019 awards season drew to a close with the 91st annual Academy Awards, it seems only fitting to acknowledge one of the most overlooked aspects of the whole experience — the red carpet. The celebrities honored at these events put in almost as much work choosing their outfits as in portraying the characters that got them nominated. Thus, some of their efforts are lauded in a similar fashion below.

Interim expenditure report for Student Council election released

(02/26/19 5:21am)

The University Board of Elections released its 2019 Candidate Interim Expenditure Report Friday. The estimated total that will be spent by the 100 candidates for the 2019 election is $1492.66, which is 55 percent of the $2690 candidates actually spent last year on elections. Voting for Student Council elections will take place online from Feb. 26 to March 1. 

SMITH: Mandate mental health care education on Grounds

(03/01/19 3:12am)

The Commonwealth of Virginia recently passed a law mandating that mental health education must be taught in public school. With this move, the Commonwealth has become a leader in the nation for addressing mental health — only New York has a similar law on the books. While public health initiatives often can come across as run-of-the-mill, the Commonwealth’s push for mental health care is historic. Mental health care is rarely placed on par with other health care concerns. Often, the stigma around receiving psychological or psychiatric care remains unchecked, as the lack of information around mental health care causes ignorance on the issues to flourish. 

Lil Pump’s ‘Harverd Dropout’ proves he shouldn’t have dropped out

(02/27/19 3:04am)

The internet is ablaze with speculations surrounding the potentially miraculous academic prowess of one of the newest members of the rap music scene, Lil Pump. Google searches and forum threads are brimming with one question about Lil Pump — did the 18-year-old rapper actually turn down an education from Harvard in order to pursue his dreams of fame, wealth and success? 

A recollection of my first time visiting Wintergreen Resort

(03/04/19 12:33am)

It was too late to join VASST — the ski and snowboard team at the University — but I still wanted to take advantage of the open skiing trails I had seen on my friend’s Instagram story from Wintergreen Resort. The last time I had gone skiing was over winter break, but after a day, my brother broke his arm, and my family had to drive back six hours from Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in California, returning home to see a doctor. After deciding to take matters into my own hands and buy a lift ticket for one Thursday afternoon, I was finally able to visit the ski resort that I had heard all about from people at school.