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EDITORIAL: Ellie Brasacchio for Student Council President

(02/26/19 5:43am)

Students have a choice between two candidates running for Student Council President this year — third-year College student Ellie Brasacchio and first-year Curry student Arabella Lee. This decision is important, as the winner of the race will represent the entire undergraduate student body in the upcoming academic school year. After careful consideration and examination of the two candidates’ platforms, we have decided to endorse Ellie Brasacchio for Student Council President. 

University lab discovers link between OCD drug and treatment for sepsis

(03/06/19 2:57am)

Researchers from the Gaultier Lab in the University School of Medicine published a paper Feb. 6, in the journal Science Translational Medicine on their recent finding that the drug fluvoxamine, ordinarily used as medication for those with obsessive-compulsive disorder, may have the ability to treat sepsis as well.

U.Va. researcher receives $1 million grant to develop new method for determining biological structures

(02/28/19 2:22am)

“A snail mail, regular mail letter was sent addressed to Mr. James Ryan … President of U.Va., and in this three page letter was a paper check for $1 million dollars,” said Michael Wiener, a researcher in the department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics at the School of Medicine. 

DILWORTH: Why a food pantry isn’t enough

(02/26/19 3:11am)

The United States Government Accountability Office released a long-awaited report this January surveying food insecurity on college campuses. The report confirmed what many researchers have revealed over the past decade — college students are struggling with food insecurity on two- and four-year university campuses at shocking rates. After conducting a review of thirty-one studies of food insecurity on college campuses, the GAO concluded that about a third of U.S. college students struggle with food insecurity. Though varying metrics are used to quantify food insecurity, the term is broadly defined as not being able to get enough to eat on a daily basis and unsurprisingly correlates with lower graduation rates and homelessness.

Winter warm-up woes: As temperatures climb, U.Va. students are reluctant to retire their Canada Goose jackets

(02/27/19 11:11pm)

There are are plenty of people that impatiently await spring, with its pleasant temperate days and return of green scenery. The University’s student body is not among them. As local and national weather outlets predict temperatures will continue to climb this March, students are voicing their annual lament — warm spring weather is simply not conducive to wearing Canada Goose jackets. 

DRISCOLL: Joe Biden is the undisputed choice for Democrats in 2020

(03/04/19 5:15am)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) formally declared his candidacy for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination on Feb. 19, becoming the 10th major candidate to enter into the race. And while the Iowa caucuses are still almost year away, now is a good time for Democrats to begin asking themselves what exactly it is that they will need to find in a nominee in order to successfully retake the White House.

Houndmouth still basks in the limelight

(02/26/19 1:34am)

Houndmouth — the alternative blues band based in New Albany, Indiana — graced the stage of The Jefferson Theater Friday. The three-man band is currently touring their latest album, “Golden Age,” as well as their recent EP, “California Voodoo.” The show started at 8:30 p.m., but Houndmouth did not appear until 10:15 p.m. Modern Love Child and Ben Kweller filled the hour and 15 minutes before Houndmouth came on stage. Although Houndmouth’s hit track “Sedona” mentions a “Saturday night kind of pink” energy, that did not stop the crowd from screaming out “Friday” in its place. The band and the crowd fed off of each other, shouting out lyrics and dancing across the stage and floor.

How exercise became my favorite type of self-care

(02/26/19 3:18am)

About a month ago, I told my friend that I’d run a half marathon with her. She ran one last year when we were first-years, and we agreed that training together would make it more fun. This was a bold move considering I was struggling to run for more than 30 minutes at the time, and running 13.1 miles seemed unthinkable — even when I was in my best shape.  

‘Lorena’ — Revisiting the Bobbitts in the #MeToo Movement

(02/25/19 3:50am)

On June 23, 1993 in Manassas, Va., Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis and the world quite simply lost its mind. Almost 26 years later, Jordan Peele produced “Lorena,” a documentary series which originally aired at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 29 and was later made available on Amazon Prime on Feb. 15. The four-part documentary starts out with a scene as startling as it is harmless — Steve Harvey laughing during an interview with Lorena Bobbitt. “What made you take it though?” said Harvey. “I mean, you cut it off. Why you leave with it? … Now we got to go find it. We’re out here, it got grass on it.” 

The Suffers bring ‘Gulf Coast Soul’ back to The Southern

(02/25/19 4:01am)

The Suffers’ sophomore album “Everything Here” — released July 13, 2018 — found the Houston-based band implementing spoken word segments and musical features for the first time. Once a band whose recordings translated seamlessly to live performance, The Suffers have now complicated live renditions of the album by embracing the accouterments of the recording studio — producers, a string section and a range of other collaborators.

Virginia track and field competes against the conference’s best at the ACC Championships

(02/26/19 12:12am)

The Virginia men’s and women’s track and field teams traveled to Blacksburg to compete in the ACC Championships this past Thursday through Saturday at Rector Field House. The Cavaliers faced off in a multitude of events, finishing fifth overall with 49 points on the men’s side and ninth overall with 31 points on the women’s side. The only win came from junior Jordan Scott in the triple jump — however, three second finishes and three third-place finishes earned the Cavaliers seven podium finishes and seven first-team ACC honors.