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In good company: An interview with Kendall Street Company

(09/19/18 2:55am)

They say that people are always in good company when they are doing what they truly enjoy with the folks who they truly enjoy. Whether it’s with friends, family or strangers, good company encourages you to bounce thoughts off of each other and turn those thoughts into reality. Good company leads to good inspiration. 

ASCH: Smearing Leslie Cockburn in Virginia

(09/18/18 4:14am)

In October 2017, The Wall Street Journal published an editorial lambasting the treatment of then gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie entitled “Smearing Ed Gillespie in Virginia.” In the article  the Editorial Board lambasted the treatment of Gillespie during the campaign, stating he had been unfairly attacked by the Democrats. While I certainly disagree with The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board’s assessment of the gubernatorial campaign, this framework applies well in this election cycle, where there is a candidate being unfairly attacked — the Democratic candidate for the fifth congressional district of Virginia, Leslie Cockburn.

Sen. Tim Kaine speaks at U.Va. on the role of faith, spirituality in public service

(09/18/18 1:29am)

The University’s Miller Center of Public Affairs hosted U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine at Old Cabell Hall Friday for a panel discussion centered around the interaction between religion and public life in the U.S. In particular, Kaine discussed how his own experience with spirituality has shaped his career in politics and his approach to legislating in today’s politically polarized climate. 

How I became interested in rocks

(09/18/18 10:34pm)

I’m sure everyone has been asked what their parents do, or at least what they studied in college. It’s a pretty normal question, and some people have really cool answers — my mom could be considered one of the those people. She studied electrical engineering at a time when women in STEM majors were not very popular and now works for the Central Intelligence Agency. I could disclose what she does, but keeping it a secret makes her look that much more mysterious. 

Kate Bollinger sounds like a rainbow

(09/18/18 4:09am)

The Apartment Kyle has no central air conditioning system, or at least it felt that way with 40-odd concert divers who risked the pits of their cuffed shirts for ice-cold IPA and the charming, echoey sounds of Kate Bollinger and Inning. On one of the walls in the living room that served as the stage, a rose-tinted television played clips from the “Simpsons,” “Adventure Time” and other cartoons. Although marketed as a “stripped down set,” nothing about the musicians was amateur, except for the upside-down pot and big keratin container used by the drummer of Inning that probably came from the apartment’s kitchen.  

Center for Politics, Batten hosts panel on Trump’s effect on American Presidency

(09/17/18 2:23pm)

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated in both the headline and lead paragraph that the panel was co-hosted by the Miller Center and the Batten School for Leadership and Public Policy. The event was actually co-hosted by the University's Center for Politics and the Batten School. The Miller Center was not a co-sponsor for this specific event.  

Police Civilian Review Board looks to expand its powers as it begins to develop working bylaws

(09/17/18 2:25am)

The Charlottesville Police Civilian Review board continued to struggle with the extent and scope of its powers at the body’s meeting this past Tuesday as it looks to begin drafting bylaws for consideration by the City Council. In particular, board members hope to be able to acquire the ability to collect data and conduct their own research for the purposes of drafting bylaws.