​Don’t Marginalize Survivors of Sexual Assault

Living with the memory of a sexual assault is unimaginable to me. And as a male, it’s less likely to be something I’ll ever have to deal with. But I know that many of you live with this memory every day. Some of you do so silently, feeling you can never report your assailant to the University or to the police. You might think that no one will believe you. You might think that it’s somehow your fault. You might think that no one has your back.
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Latest Editorial Cartoon

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​By the numbers

The managing board highlights notable figures from the start of the fall semester
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Justice for all

But we must also remember that there is a human element to this issue which is even more important than the financial element.
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CONNOLLY: The activist measuring stick

This relative dearth of activism can be partially explained by this university’s general resistance to change and the power of traditional institutions. ...
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