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Though Visitors are not elected officials, they still owe a duty to the public — to be open and honest about the issues the Board discusses.
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WHISNANT: A long time coming

Rather than being an isolated incident of poor policing or just a side-effect of giving cops ever more dangerous weapons, Michael Brown’s shooting can ...
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SPINKS: Better representation

Having a more diverse faculty can “spread the wealth” in terms of academic opportunities. Currently, the majority of tenured professors at institutions ...
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KELLY: Do your part

In light of the events of this summer, it is as good a time as any to underscore the serious responsibility that our generation bears in forging an eco-friendly ...
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HARRINGTON: Stuck in the friend zone

If a student is able to recognize their personal responsibility to say something to a new acquaintance in distress, the program’s advice may seem inapplicable. ...
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