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Wardah Kamran

Love Connection Revisited

 I — a seasoned investigator and journalist ever since my attempt at solving the CavMan mystery — have snuck into The Cavalier Daily archives to discover the unpublished stories of the Love Connection page.

BREAKING — U.Va First School In The Sky

Recently, the University has come out with shocking news that is leaving students either amazed or confused. A U.Va representative has announced that the University will be taking to the skies in what has now been dubbed “Project Higher Education.”

Zzzzzzs Don’t Get Degrees

 So, before you decide to stop reading this article and go fall asleep, I present to you my three-step process for quitting. Napping that is. Not your job. I assume no accountability for that.

Not only do cheaters have to buy more gifts to disperse to their love interests, but they also have to make sure they visit each person on this holiday. 

Cheater Cheater Chocolate Eater

Now, if you’re like most people, you’re either spending Valentine's Day with your significant other(s) or are in wait for single awareness day the following morning when all the chocolate is on sale. But, unfortunately, during this time of year, we fail to recognize those that are working the hardest and that deserve our appreciation the most.

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