Editorial Board


U.Va. should go test-optional

While a test-optional policy does not necessarily guarantee an immediate increase in the University’s racial diversity, it is nevertheless a good start.

Sullivan's inaccurate communication

The University seems to be in a perpetual state of controversy, and with both students and Charlottesville residents taking greater initiatives to advance our community, it is important to address every issue thoroughly.

U.Va. Students United overreacted

While the demonstrators may have had their hearts in the right place, this kind of triviality distracts from the real social issues that they are purportedly more inclined to address. 

Supporting U.Va. Dreamers

In this time of uncertainty, it is imperative to come together as a community and continue defending Dreamers on Grounds.

City Council needs to grow up

It should go without saying that following tragedy and chaos, a city’s public leaders have a responsibility to lead by example.

Rethinking the Echols Scholars program

Although this redefining set of proposals is still in its early stages, it presents a solid groundwork for transforming Echols into a real, modern honors program.