Madison DeLuca


“Entourage” lacks plot, substance

In “Entourage,” the film adaptation of the identically-named HBO series, main characters Vince (Adrian Grenier), Ari (Jeremy Piven), Eric (Kevin Connolly), Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) are up to their old antics.

‘Weird Loners’ is strange from its pilot episode alone

Fox released its pilot episode of its new sitcom “Weird Loners” last week. Unfortunately, based on the predictable plot and cringeworthy attempts at humor in the show’s “Weird Pilot,” the series doesn’t look promising.

Comedy, seriously

The University is a serious school. Wahoos are serious about academics, social lives, and tradition. And when it comes to our selective comedy groups, we’re serious about humor.

HIT gets Fit, teary in spring concert

Sometimes the University feels like the set of “Pitch Perfect.” With A Capella Ball and sorority Big Sis week serenades, the talented voices in our midst just can’t be ignored. In helping to launch the start of the semester’s a cappella concert season, all-female a cappella group Hoos In Treble presented their spring concert, “HIT gets Fit,” last Saturday, displaying impressive voices and touching sentimentality.

'Idiotas' offers few brains

Last weekend’s production of the Spanish play “Idiotas contemplando la nieve,” translated as “Idiots Contemplating the Snow,” marks the 32nd year of Spanish theater at the University of Virginia.

Print Preview

Print is everywhere — it spells out the Bodo’s menu board, constitutes the reading assignments spat out by HP Deskjets everywhere and fills the pages of The Cavalier Daily print editions appearing in distribution boxes every Monday and Thursday.

Worthy of 'Applause'

Lady Gaga’s back, and she’s more outrageous than ever. Her newest album, “ARTPOP,” which debuted on November 11, pushes the envelope, integrating thumping bass with guttural chanting and bizarre lyrical analogies.