Robin Schwartzkopf


Who should be the Sexiest Man Alive in 2017?

On Nov. 14, People Magazine blithely announced the chief warrior in the fight for cheek-blushing and lip-biting, the man they deem sexiest alive, in the entire world, in a certain year. And they picked Blake Shelton. 

'Inhumans' lacks brains, heart

Not every comic book property needs computer-generated special effects. “Inhumans” goes in the opposite direction. 

A visual twist on Poe's classics

In an interview with Arts and Entertainment, soon-to-be visiting graphic novelist Gareth Hinds discussed the inspiration behind "POE: Stories and Poems."

Flirting with the future of television

Much of the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards broadcast felt like going to a favorite restaurant and debating between ordering the usual and trying something new — but in the case of the Stephen Colbert-helmed awards show — over the course of three hours.