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Miller to leave for U-Conn in August

The University will bid goodbye to H. Sam Miller, assistant to the vice president for student affairs, next month.

Miller will leave the University to become the vice chancellor of student affairs at the University of Connecticut.

"It's just a great opportunity and the right move to make for me professionally and for my family as well as other longer term career goals," Miller said.

He said though he is leaving he will miss the University.

"I love U.Va. and had a wonderful experience and we will miss it," he added.

Working with Miller has "been excellent, I really hate to see him go," Student Activities Business Manger William C. Hancher said.

"He's done an excellent job with the Student Activities Committee," he said.

"Sam has been an invaluable asset to Student Council and more than that he's been an absolute pleasure to work with," said John Finley, Student Council Chief Financial Officer.

Miller "accounts for a large chunk of the institutional memory of student affairs and he will be sorely missed-he's a great guy.

"I regret that the University didn't do anything and everything that was needed to keep Sam here," he said.

"The University is going to grind to a halt in his absence," said Chip German, ITC policy and planning director.

Miller is a "tireless advocate" for the importance of the perspective of students and the way that the University provides technology resources for students, German said.

"He's also extremely helpful in working on issues of use and abuse of information technology" with students, he said.

Miller's technical computer understanding as well as his knowledge of student life and affairs, such as the University Judiciary Committee, were helpful in knowing the correct venues to take when a student had abused technology or been the victim of it, he added.

Miller also worked to get student groups on their own server and off the University server, German said.

"He extended the notion of student self-governance into information technology," he said.

Now, some student groups work off the Student Council server, which is separate from the University server.

"It's going to be impossible to replace Sam," he added.

Miller said that he also will work with student affairs and technology issues at Connecticut.

Miller has been at the University since his graduate-school years.

He attended graduate school starting in 1992, and served on the Appropriations Committee as a student as well.

He interned with ITC in addition to Continuing Education.

He then worked in the vice president for student affairs office, where he is now.


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