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Meg Scheu

Thanks for phenomenal family, friends

WHEN MY term ended at The Cavalier Daily, I still continued to write. Now, this will be my last "story" ever, and despite how many lead articles I have written about law suits, the Faculty Senate, and the honor system, this one always will be the most important to me, because it's a story about the people I care about most. Dad and Mom -- I love you very much.

Bittersweet 'Flowers': a cruel domestic bouquet

Rosemary Daniell's "Fatal Flowers" is a memoir that uses the author's personal experiences of growing up in the South to explain the strict and contradicting ideal of a Southern woman. The book is brutally honest, verging on the vulgar and crude, at times leaving the reader blushing with embarrassment, mouth hanging open in shock. Daniell's mother's suicide is the pivotal point around which the story revolves.

Slight Irish touch helps '''Tis"

"Thats your dreams out now," author Frank McCourt writes in "'Tis," the sequel-memoir of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Angela's Ashes." And certainly McCourt can claim those dreams with a second book as well written as his first. McCourt picks up where his life story left off in his first book -- on a boat about to dock in America.

CD selects Bednar as editor-in-chief

After almost 21 hours of debate and discussion in Jefferson Hall Saturday, the Cavalier Daily staff elected its 111th Managing Board and new leaders. The staff elected third-year College student Thomas A.

Council unanimously passes budget, resolution

Student Council unanimously approved both their 1999-2000 budget and a resolution concerning the amount of Student Activities Fee money Madison House will receive over the next nine years at their meeting last night.

Education School earns grants

The Curry School of Education now has $5.5 million more to use toward the instruction and training of current and future teachers in classroom technology because of three different grants they received this week. The first two grants came from the U.S.

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