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Thanks for phenomenal family, friends

WHEN MY term ended at The Cavalier Daily, I still continued to write. Now, this will be my last "story" ever, and despite how many lead articles I have written about law suits, the Faculty Senate, and the honor system, this one always will be the most important to me, because it's a story about the people I care about most.

Dad and Mom -- I love you very much. Thank you for your constant support, love and encouragement. Thank you for guiding me while still letting me learn for myself. These four years have been everything I had hoped.

Peter -- I am so proud of you! Good luck with crew! (And yes, I still want that BMW).

Molly -- Enjoy it baby sister. Do everything I told you I wish I had; this will be the fastest four years of your life! I wish I could be here to share U.Va. with you. I hope you love it as much as I have.

All my grandparents -- thank you for all your letters, postcards, photographs, emails and most of all, your love.

Bethany Poole -- eight years, and how much, how little, we, and our friendship (and our inverted lives!) have changed. Thank you for always listening and your constant advice, especially the ever correct "circle theory!"

Blair Reid -- this summer was the best -- I think we can raise a glass to nights in Adam's Morgan! It's been a long time since Chesapeake or CCS -- I really wish we had shared college too.

Mike Greenwald -- I can only repeat what you have said to me: As trite as it sounds -- thank you for everything. Especially for your hospitality, making me laugh, being there since the first week of first year, and your help at the newspaper. Your talents are immeasurable, and I am so happy you are one of my best friends.

Caroline Farmer -- I am not even going to start, girl, cause it would never end! In four years we have had too many crazy experiences to ever forget. Just remember, we are Southern belles, aren't we? Love you!

Tee McKnight -- thanks for sharing your movies and CDs, and being there to hang out when I needed to talk -- you've given me as much advice as you say I've given you!

Sarah Guyton -- thanks for being such a great friend for the past four years -- listening, splitting English homework, sharing kid's books and movies, and making me walk to class.

Jared Johnson -- I couldn't have made it through this year without you. Thank you for caring so much and giving constantly, even though you always asked so little for yourself.

Amy DuBrueler -- I wish it had been longer, my dear. Remember, it's all about the B's, Alderman boys, $5 roses, shopping, the Bistro, megamy, and a bottle of wine!

Morgan Schuldt -- you have an incredible gift -- and I'm jealous. Thank you for always renewing, and reminding me of, my love for poetry.

Graydon Armsworthy -- When we started college I never thought we would finish it in such different places, but I am so glad we are still friends. Let's go fishing when we get home.

Claire Edwards -- Remember the Melungeons! Hopefully we'll live together next year too!

Annie, Haike, Doug, Lillian, Alex, Justin, Liat, Christian, Catron and Carrie: Good luck with everything; please stay in touch!

Profs. Jahan Ramazani, David Gies and Stephen Innes: I can truthfully say the professors are the best part about the University. Thank you for teaching me, helping me while I was at the newspaper, and advising me; I have learned so much.

Mrs. Nystrom -- thank you for welcoming me into your family; being so supportive, encouraging me to write and read, helping me with my poems, and giving me so many opportunities, especially working on Meridian and at Burnley Moran -- two of my favorite things during my time here.

The Cavalier Daily, especially the News Mafia: Y'all have been one of the best parts of these four years. I would have been lost without the newspaper, the things I learned and the friends I made. Thank you all for putting up with me, giving me your best, teaching me, helping me, and challenging me. I have had the worst days of my life at The Cavalier Daily. I have also had the best.

I am nowhere near done with thank you's and I love you's; I wish I had more space. There is no way to describe four years in 800 words, no matter how many stories I have written; however, if I had the entire front page I still would be unable to do it. I might be leaving U.Va., but I am taking everything and everyone with me. LOVE MEG

(Meg Scheu was a 1999-2000 News editor and an associate editor.)


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