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CD selects Bednar as editor-in-chief

After almost 21 hours of debate and discussion in Jefferson Hall Saturday, the Cavalier Daily staff elected its 111th Managing Board and new leaders.

The staff elected third-year College student Thomas A. Bednar editor-in-chief. Bednar, a government major from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, said he plans to hold the newspaper's quality to a high standard, streamline its production process and improve the way the The Cavalier Daily is presented to the University community.

The Managing Board also includes third-year Architecture student Brian Haluska of Chesapeake, Va., who will serve as executive editor.

The staff elected third-year College student Lindsay Wise of Vienna, Va. as managing editor. Second-year College student John A. Clark, of Alexandria, Va., will serve as the newspaper's chief financial officer. Third-year College student Michael Gillespie, of Roanoke, Va., will fill the position of operations manager.

Third year College students Edward Hock, of Richmond, Va., and Nicola M. White, of Queens, N.Y., are the new assistant managing editors. The staff elected second-year Engineering School student Jonathan Erdman as Online Manager.

Staff members tapped second-year Engineering School student Eric Hutchins as Director of Information Technology.

The Cavalier Daily's Junior Board will include third-year College students Nicole Maurantonio and Alexis Tonti as Copy editors. Nation/World editors are third-year College student Mary Beth Walker and second-year College student Philip Wickizer. The News editors are second-year College student Katie Dalton and third-year College student Margaret Chipowsky.

First-year College students Kevin Hechtkopf and Chu Hwang were elected Online editors, along with second-year College student Meredith Lufkin.

Second-year College student Amy Shapiro was elected Focus editor. The Life editors are third-year College students Christie McLaughlin and Ryann Collins. Third-year College student Doug Strassler and second-year College student Rachel Alberico were elected Arts & Entertainment editors.

Third-year College student Jim Reedy and second-year College student Sam Le accepted positions as Sports editors.

Second-year College students Jennifer Schaum and Erin Perucci are the new Opinion editors, while second-year College student Sol Bergen-Bartel will serve as the Health & Science editor.

Third-year College students Leah Loftin and Dan Lopez are the Photography editors.

The new Production editors are third-year College students Erin Schrad and Nick West. Second-year College student Mona S. Rahman was elected as Business editor.

Third-year College student Aditi Vaish will return as advertising manager and second-year College students Dave Werner and Matt Oliver were re-elected as Graphics department editors.

News associate editors are second-year College students Jaime Levi and Maria Tor and first-year College students Abby Curran, Emily Roper, Jacqueline Roper, Sarah Marchetti, John Teschner, Christine Buurma, Michael Loatman and John McArdle.

Second-year College students LaJoy F. Thomas and Tina Hong will serve as Focus associates. Life associates are first-year College students Adam Justice, Stephanie Batten, Allison Botos, Josie Roberts and second-year College student Christa Dierksheide.

Sports department associates are College students Zack Fried and Billy Kynes, as well as second-year College students David Semler, Ashley Stanley, Mike Webb and Chris Yeung.

The Health & Science associate is second-year College student Juliana Chan. Opinion associates are first-year College students Diya Gullapalli and Rob Walker and second-year College student Bryan Maxwell.

Associate graphics editors are first-year Architecture student Christian Ryan, second-year College student Erin Lyddane and third-year Commerce student Sylvia Yam. Associate business editor is second-year College student Rissa Camins. Arts & Entertainment associates are third-year College student James Tribe and second-year College student Bryan Kasik.

First-year College student Katie Underwood is senior associate Photography editor while second-year Engineering school student Phil Archer and first-year College student Brady Wolfe were chosen as associate Photography editors.


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