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Jones can't get any better, Cav fans' behavior can

Frankly, there is just too much going on along the sports scene to focus on one thing this week. Instead, I'm going to give you a sampling of thoughts, tidbits, predictions and other such things.

First things first: I probably could have written this entire column on Virginia tailback Thomas Jones. I've done that at least once before, but something needs to be said. Again.

Thomas Jones deserves to go to the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. No arguments accepted, no questions asked, no bones about it.

He now leads the nation -- that is synonymous with No. 1 for the national media types keeping score at home -- in rushing yards-per-game. With 1,273 total yards gained, Jones is second to Wisconsin's Ron Dayne, with whom the Heisman is mentioned in the same sentence on a daily basis. Dayne has 1,396 total yards. One last comparison: Jones also is an excellent receiver with 17 receptions on the year, good enough for tops among ACC running backs, which also is synonymous with No. 1 for the national media types keeping score at home -- Dayne has zero receptions this season. So who is the better back?

It also should be noted that Jones put up 164 yards rushing against Florida State Saturday. The Seminoles had not given up more than 86 yards rushing to one individual all season. He consistently beat the speedy 'Nole defense around the corner. With all that said, here's a free marketing tip and a chance for several of you to get on TV against Georgia Tech with a good sign: Ordinary Name. Extraordinary Back. Thomas Jones for Heisman.

Bottleheads anonymous: For

those of you who threw bottles at the field, Florida State players or anything else Saturday, you are a disgrace to the University. Too bad they couldn't track whether certain students had a knack for stupidity in the admissions process. Everything quality in Jones that we Cavalier fans brag about was undermined by your brainless showing.

Jones: class, grace, sophistication. You: none of the above.

ACC tourney time: Well it's ACC Tournament time for several of Virginia's teams. So here are a couple of predictions. Let's start with women's soccer, which claimed the Conference's No. 5 seed. This from a team tabbed as "one of the best" at Virginia according to Coach April Heinrichs. That topic is a horse of a different color entirely, so here's the prediction: Cavs top Clemson, but lose to North Carolina in the second round.

Moving on to field hockey, the Cavaliers grabbed the ACC's No. 4 seed. Prediction: The Cavs upset Duke for the second straight game to advance to the second round. From there, the Cavaliers upset Maryland but lose in a heartbreaking, final-round matchup to whom? None other than arch-nemesis North Carolina.

Wali's world update: Yes, Cleveland, you sure as heck did get a new Wali's world. Ex-Cav linebacker and fourth-round draft pick Wali Rainer is second -- that's No. 2 for the national media types keeping score at home -- in the NFL in tackles. He currently has made 62 tackles on the season from his linebacker spot for the Browns. Rainer averages 7.8 tackles-per-game. Wal-i, Wal-i, Wal-I ...

Indefinitely: UNC's Ed Cota and Terrence Newby have been suspended indefinitely from the basketball team.

Before all of you Cav fans crack open the champagne, both will not miss the Virginia games next semester. Let's remember Peter Warrick's "indefinite" suspension, and the fact remains that Warrick was probably more guilty than either of those guys. Rest assured that both of the Tar Heels will be back in action sooner than later.

Reality Stings: For Georgia Tech that is. The Cavaliers come through with the upset, 41-38.


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