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A bug's life

"What the hell!" a girl yelled as she jumped back from the door in front of her dorm.

"They're only bugs," her friend consoled her.

"Yeah, but there are millions of them."

So went the conversation around Brown College yesterday afternoon. Sometime between 3 and 4 p.m. literally thousands of Japanese ladybugs, orange in appearance, invaded the residential college's front courtyard area.

The doorways of Harrison, McGuffey, Gildersleeve and Venable, all facing out into the courtyard across from the Ruffner footbridge, were covered with the small creatures.

"They're all over the damn place," Gildersleeve resident Barry Hite said as ladybugs covered his window screen. "I just noticed them 20 minutes ago and now they're converging on my room."

Fourth-year Tim Cohen, also a Brown College resident, said seeing the ladybugs was terror, a primal fear.

"Have you seen Hitchhock's 'The Birds'?" he asked. "It was like that."

Cohen, who claimed he was never one to exaggerate, confirmed that there were literally thousands of ladybugs.

"I experienced a gut survival response," Cohen said. "I had to dive in through the portal door."

Compiled by Josie Roberts

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