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If elections get you down, local brewery will lift you up

As political campaigns brew throughout the country, remember to carefully weigh the candidates before casting your vote this Tuesday. Then, watch the mugs of pollsters reporting election results while enjoying a mug of your own at the South Street Brewery.

At South Street, where grad school types meet young lawyers and business people, there are no losers, food-wise, and the menu has plenty of tasty fare to keep you from feeling blue should your favorite candidates not fare so well.

Located at 106 South Street, behind the Downtown Mall, the South Street Brewery offers its patrons hearty All-American comfort food in an authentic brewery setting.

From milling malted barley to the pouring of frothy mugs, South Street produces a multitude of homemade ales right on the premises.

For about $3.25 a mug, South Street allows patrons over 21 the option of choosing from such originals as its JPAle, a pale ale which was a World Beer Cup 2000 gold medallist. Satan's Pony amber ale is a smooth brew with lots of malt flavor and low bitterness, and el jefe's hefeweizen is an unfiltered Bavarian-style wheat beer with subtle banana and clove flavors. With such innovative brews, one is glad that, on Election Day, at least, there is no need to settle for simply a Busch.

Even if you don't choose to drink, South Street has many options to whet the appetite. For a patriotic starter, the diner can partake of the star spangled blue nachos which, for $4.75, combine hand-cut organic blue corn chips with sharp jack cheese, bleu cheese, bacon, red onions and scallions.

Other tasty offerings include the $4.50 hummus appetizer, which healthily brings together mildly spicy, creamy hummus; crunchy carrot and celery sticks, and fluffy triangles of warm pita bread.

Even the bitter voter can find an appetizer of appeal by drowning his sorrows in Satan's ribs, devilishly spicy seasoned baby back ribs which are braised in Satan's pony ale and are served, for $7.25, with a tangy blue cheese dipping sauce and fresh crudites.

After enjoying a delightful appetizer, South Street diners can direct their attention to the primary part of their meal.

Those out for blood will relish the $7.25 big burger, a half-pound patty of organically raised beef stacked with provolone, lettuce, tomato, chipotle ketchup, homemade pickles and served with a satisfying heap of crisp, deliciously greasy, and partially skin-encrusted French fries.

Delicious and hearty is the brat sandwich. This, for $7, layers shreds of sauerkraut and a squeeze of whole grain mustard on a warm, filling beer-braised bratwurst, all on a French baguette. For the non-bovine-inclined patron, South Street cooks up an excellent portabello mushroom sandwich for $7 which blends a tender, marinated mushroom with pesto mayonnaise, homemade pickles, lettuce and tomato and is served with either fries or German potato salad, which is big on taste and low on excess mayo.

Other options include the grilled marinated young chicken which, for $11.25, is served with focaccia herb stuffing, rosemary gravy and a seasonal vegetable, or the steak, which costs $13.75 and consists of a pepper-crusted grilled rib-eye served with oven-roasted potatoes, bleu cheese butter and seasonal vegetables.

In addition to their main menu, South Street also offers daily specials from the soup of the day to the desserts, which all change daily depending on the chef's selections.

Possibilities for dessert, however, range from praline cheesecake to apple crisp a la mode to turtle pie -- enough to interest groups or individual diners.

With a friendly wait staff and a charming, dark wood interior, the South Street Brewery is a great place to go this Election Day to get away from the daily grind of college life and get immersed in the results of the Electoral College.

So, toss aside any reservations that you might have about voting, send in your ballot, and hurry over to South Street because, unlike many voters this year, they don't have reservations and, should there be a shortage of booths available, things just might end up Gorey.


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