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Kerri Hannigan and Thomas Kennedy

Adios, Amigos: Corner spot offers dismal food

Our breath created foggy halos on the windows of the Metropolitan, obscuring our view of white linen tablecloths, high vaulted ceilings and the architectural black silhouettes of the wait staff. Intermittently the door breezed open and, as designer handbags and tailored suits jostled by us, we received wafts of the rabbit quesadilla with creme fraiche and smoked tomato relish.

In blue house, Martha's Cafe charms customers

Part of Charlottesville's small-town charm can be attributed to the intimate cafes in the city. But it takes a little blue house tucked back on Elliewood Avenue to accompany a quaint atmosphere with culinary quality. Martha's Cafe occupies the first floor of the old-fashioned, rustic, blue house.

Revolutionary Soup turns starter to meal

Soup is a starter. At least at some places. At Revolutionary Soup, however, soup is the main event. Located in a stark, crimson-painted basement room on the Downtown Mall, Revolutionary Soup truly seems to be a revolutionary enclave and, in one culinary way, it actually is.

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