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Rotunda Stop...

Bill Cogswell Assistant Manager

Q: What is the best selling item that you have in the store?

A: Probably our garment-dyed T-shirts. They look sort of like they've been washed and worn already.

Q: What is game day traffic like in here?

A: Very, very busy. Standing room only.

Q: What are game day sales like in comparison to your average day?

A: Again, it's just a lot busier than a typical weekday, or even a typical weekend.

Q: Is it predominantly student customers that you see in here?

A: It's mostly game traffic, people that are going to the game, which includes a lot of alumni and a lot of local people, some students.

Q: Are students perhaps less willing to spend their college money on clothing?

A: I don't think that's the case at all. I think students are perfectly willing to come in here, as well as any store on the Corner, and spend not all of their budget, but a good part of their budget on things to wear, just to lounge around in.

Q: How long have you worked here?

A: Seven years.

Q: What has it been like working around U.Va.?

A: It's really nice being close to the University because of the wide variety of people we see, from the students to the alumni to the tourists. It's just a nice mixture of people and a very pleasant atmosphere.

Q: Did you go to U.Va.?

A: Yeah. I was in the Comm School, and I graduated in '95.