Juvenile delinquents

Zero tolerance laws are having a detrimental effect on the nation

Have zero tolerance policies in schools gone too far? That is the conclusion drawn by many when looking at the myriad students who have been negatively affected by these all or nothing policies. Remember back in elementary and middle school, when you and your friends would write and draw on the desk while you would sit in class waiting for the school lunch bell to ring? And what about the days when our parents used to give us metal utensils to eat our school lunch because the plastic ones the school had were often too dull, weak, and flimsy to effectively enjoy any meal? Perhaps you recall your last class at the University, when you tried in vain to write over your desk carvings.

Let's step forward in time. Now imagine that your teacher walked up to you while you were eating your lunch, cutting your apple with your knife, or while you were drawing the day away on the desk, daydreaming. Now picture a police officer putting you in handcuffs.

In accordance with zero tolerance policies, you have now committed two criminal offenses, and you must be punished.

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