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Upholding tradition

I cannot argue, nor would I, with the reasoning of arguments against the "Rugby Road" song/cheer. Was it written by a bunch of males? I guess so because back in the day, we had to go on "road trips" to the University of Mary Washington, Mary Baldwin College, Sweetbriar College, etc., to "find" any "females" at school-sponsored dance "mixers." I truthfully do not know the lyrics beyond the first verse. And, yes, you do not have to go beyond the first verse to find offensive and unacceptable suggestions. But that verse brings back memories - many of which I regret, but memories nonetheless. It was all part of my experiences as a student at Mr. Jefferson's University as one of many "Virginia Gentlemen." But smiling at inappropriate youthful behavior is not to condone it, but to cherish it as part of the construct of life - history. Learn from history; do not do it injustice by trying to rewrite it. Revise some lyrics for sensitive eyes and ears, but do not try to erase what has been and should be tradition. That song and tune bring back memories of school excitement, spirit and cheer rather than thoughts of advancing socially inappropriate behavior. Life, people. Live it and take some of it lightly. Laugh while not believing the source for laughter is to be emulated more than learned from! Enjoy! Go Cavaliers! Go Wahoos! The day of the coat and tie with jeans and weejuns even if sans shirt and socks was real if less than perfect!